Facebook Games Launches Fan Groups Feature

Facebook is rolling out a new feature to its gaming platform names “Fans Groups” to help Gaming Creators communicate with their fans. Facebook Games has always been a section of Facebook that is always interesting to visit with its huge load of games from its respective ever-consistent creators.

The Fan groups features functions similarly to Discord or Slack and below are some of its functions.

Facebook Games Launches Fan Groups Feature

Facebook Games Fan Groups Functions

Basically, this feature functions as a way to strengthen the connection between creators and players or viewers in the gaming community on Facebook. Fans groups would help streamers and fans stay connected outside of the gaming world, therefore, being able to converse about the game outside the game.

  • Help Creators organize topics into threads thus moving them into a chat channel.
  • Looking For Players post; Help users find fellow game players with a certain streamer’s community.
  • Badges viewers earn during a stream will also be available in the fan group.
  • When a streamer stops broadcasting, viewers can join the viewer’s fan group if they like through the pop-up suggestion that follows. People who engage with a certain game fan group will also be informed about it.

Fans Groups are currently available to creators that are partners with Facebook Games. Facebook Games also announced that they are also adding a monetization feature for creators doing video-on-demand services.

This will attract all kinds of game creators especially the ones on YouTube thus bringing their creativity to the social media platform. Still, in its testing phase, Facebook has stated that it won’t start taking cuts of the earnings of all kinds of creators until 2023.

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