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Is Gostream Safe? – There are a lot of websites where you can get free movies, a lot where you can stream movies and Gostream is one of those lots where you can stream movies for free. This movie streaming site has been around for some time now probably since 2015.

Also known as 123Movies or Gomovies, Gostream was one of the most visited sites to stream movies online. Its huge library of movies offers the most recent, interesting, and satisfying collection of movies for visitors.

is gostream safe

More About Gostream

Take a critical look at the first sentence in the second paragraph above, it contains “was” instead of “is”. Gostream used to be the best until some countries or regions started banning its site because it’s an illegal site.

Any site that gives you access to free movies without a license is illegal but it doesn’t literally mean it’s not safe. Do you think Gostream is safe? If it’s not or if it is, Why?

The Question – Is Gostream Safe?

The internet is a very unique place. So many advantages and importance but also very dangerous if you are ignorant. If you’ve ever visited the Gostream site, you should know that Gostream is not safe.

Why? There are a lot of reasons, where do we start from;

  • It’s illegal and has been banned in several regions. You have to use a VPN service to stream content on this site.
  • If you tap on the wrong link on Gostream, you risk getting redirected to strange sites that you have no idea about. Some of these redirections are mainly built to share viruses and malware or even perpetrate scam activities.
  • There are also reports of malware and viruses on the sites.
  • Gostream is a torrent site and torrent sites have a reputation for being treacherous.

Is it Safe to Stream | Download Movies On Gostream?

Gostream was shut down in March 2018 by MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) in conjunction with the Vietnamese authorities claiming it was the most famous illegal website. To an extent they were correct; Gostream was at the top of the world.

It was one of the most visited online platforms with about 98 million visits monthly for the unauthorized or unlicensed movies it kept posting. Just some few months later Gostream was back online by creating different domain names and linking it to its website.

Thus, if you get caught streaming on this website, you could be fined because you are supporting piracy indirectly. Yeah, you could use a VPN, but if authorities are really serious about getting you, it’s still very possible just more complicated.

Furthermore, you could get all kinds of viruses or malware just by accessing or downloading content from this site. One mistake you don’t want to make except you’ve got strong antivirus protection on your device.

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