Instagram Reels | Instagram Tik Tok’s Competitor – Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Reels  

Have you heard of Instagram Reels, a new way to get the same feeling you get when you use Tik Tok? This is the perfect Tik Tok alternative and if Tik Tok has been banned in your country or is about to be banned, do not worry Reels is here to take care of your needs.

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instagram reels

Instagram Reels

A brand new feature integrated into the Instagram social media network that allows users to record 15 seconds videos that can be set to music like in Tik Tok. This feature is in the “Instagram Story” tool and can be used to create colorful and engaging short video content.

The Instagram Reels like Tik Tok allows users to create videos with music playing in the background. Users can select tracks from the Reels music library, borrow tracks from another video or audio content, or record or create their own tracks.

It has all video recording features Tik Tok has and more. Also, a new section was added to the “Instagram Explore” tab where the most viral Reels clips are. Users might find their public Reel clips here.

Where Have Instagram Reels Been Launched?

Instagram started testing the Reels feature in Brazil where Tik Tok doesn’t have a lot of users. With time the Reels feature was moved to France, Germany, and recently India.

Instagram doesn’t really want to rush the launch. So if you really like the Reels feature, just stay calm and be hopeful Instagram expands its new update to your region soon.

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How to Access Instagram Reels

The Instagram Reels can be accessed in the Instagram story section. Just open Instagram and click on the “Story” section as if you are looking to create an Instagram section. Then look down, locate, and tap on the “Reels” icon.

At first Reels clip could only be shared with a user’s Instagram story. But Instagram changed that and fully integrated Reels into itself fully. You can also access Reels by clicking on the “Video” icon next to the “Grid” icon on your Instagram Profile page.

Also, there is a whole section allocated to Reels clip in the “Instagram Explore” section.

Note: If you access your Instagram account via web browsers, you won’t have access to Instagram reels. The only way to access Instagram Reels is via the Instagram app.

Can’t Access or Find Instagram Reels

The two main reasons why you’d be experiencing the issue in the header above is because you use Web Instagram or the Instagram Reels feature isn’t available to you yet. Web Instagram in the sense that you sign in to your Instagram account via a web browser.

Instagram reels feature might not be available in your region yet as the only country it is reportedly available in are Brazil, France, Germany, and India. If you are in any of these countries and you still can’t access Instagram reels, try out these steps;

  • Log out of your account and sign in.
  • Restart your device.
  • Delete and Reinstall your Instagram app. Then proceed to log out and resign in to your account.

How to Create a Video Using Instagram Reels

Open Instagram, sign in to your account and follow the steps below;

  • Open the “Instagram Stories” camera.
  • Locate and click on the “Reels” icon at the bottom.
  • Select a track by tapping on the “Music” icon.
  • Choose how fast you want your video to play by tapping the “Play” icon.
  • Hit the “Stopwatch” icon to choose how long your video would last.
  • Add any effects or filters you wish to.
  • Check if everything is set for the Reels clip you are about to record.
  • Hold down the record button to start recording.

Note that if you release your hold on the record button, it will automatically stop recording and stop the countdown. Thus, like on Tik Tok, you can pause in between video recordings.

Once you are done, you could select what to use your Reels clip for.

How to Delete Uploaded Reels Clips

Open Instagram, go to your profile page and adhere to the steps below;

  • Tap on the “Reels” tab: The video icon just beside the “Grid” icon.
  • Select the video you want to delete thus open it.
  • Tap on the “Three dots” on the video.
  • Press on “Delete” from the menu that pops-up. Confirm to delete and you are done.

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