YouTube Launch 4K & HDR Quality to its Android App | Stream Videos On YouTube Android App In 4K – How to

4K support has been available on the YouTube app for IOS devices for quite some while now, it’s about time it came to Android devices. YouTube Android app now has the 4K and HDR video playing support.

Regardless of the quality of display or resolution your android device supports, the YouTube app on it could only stream videos at a maximum of 1440 pixel resolution. It’s clear and manageable but not great when compared to the streaming prowess of YouTube on IOS devices.

YouTube Introduces 4K & HDR Quality to its Android App

What the New Update Brings In For Android Devices?

This erases one of the many reasons people tend to go for IOS devices rather than Android devices. Android users can now be able to stream videos on the YouTube app at 4K by opting in to stream their videos in HDR (2160p).

As usual, the option will only be available depending on how it was uploaded to YouTube. i.e videos can only be streamed at 4K if it was uploaded in 4k. This update makes streaming videos on YouTube worth it. There is no real excuse to watch a video on YouTube that is not clear or has glitches except you’ve got a bad internet connection.

Being an update necessitates that it comes with the latest version of the YouTube App. Before you go on to check out this update, visit the Google Play Store to update the YouTube App on your device.

Once you open the Google Play Store, tap on the three horizontal lines icon at the top left corner. Then select “My Apps & Games”.  Reload the “Updates” section page, scroll down and click on the “Update” button next to YouTube.

Now you can open the YouTube app on your android device, proceed to stream any video of your choice. Tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner of the video’s box and select “Quality” from the menu that pops up. A list of available resolutions for that video comes up, select 2160p thus enabling the video to play in 4K.

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