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Gratisindo is one of the best web portals with a whole lot of downloadable files for free. It has all kinds of music, videos, apps, games, wallpapers and so on. it provides your mobile device with all kinds of media contents including photos and mp3 songs in all kinds of formats.

Most platforms or portals where you can download media content prefer to offer one or two at most kinds of media content. Some offer TV series, some videos, or some music only. Gratisindo combines all these files and its interface makes it easy for any user to access and download any e-file of their choice.

gratisindo mp3 download

Gratisindo website

Basically, to visit any website, you need to open your web browser and type in the site URL. Try that with Gratisindo i.e and you get redirected to the rather popular Waptrick.

Last I heard Waptrick has been acquiring a lot of download portals as of recent, the likes of Wapdam, Zamob, Waphan, and so on are already on the list. Gratisindo just happens to be one of those newly acquired sites, that’s good news because now we have got a combination of portals to satisfy our needs. You know the saying “one is good, two better and more than two is best”.

This implicates that anytime you search on your web browser, you will get redirected to or

Gratisindo Mp3

You will find all qualities and genres of songs here (including some Bollywood favorites). The portal is easily accessible, clean to an extent, and is comprehensive hence navigating the website should be simple.

To download songs from this portal follow these easy steps;

  • Open your phone’s browser and type either Gratisindo web address ( or Waptrick web address ( Either way you still get directed to Waptrick’s homepage.
  • Navigate on the page till you find Music and click on it.
  • You could use the search bar just at the top of the page to make the search easy and fast.
  • You will be taken to a new page with different sub-categories of music. There will be a most downloaded category or newly added and so on. There will also be categorized based on their genres, select one to continue with the download process.
  • When you find a song you want, click on it and select the quality you want the song in.
  • Proceed to download and be patient for the file to download. Depending on the file size, it usually doesn’t take up to a minute.

Also note that this portal can give you access to different kinds of files including videos, wallpapers, e-books, and so on. The site also offers a TV series online streaming service, where you can watch some of your best TV shows for free.

All you have to do is follow the same steps stated above until you get to Waptrick’s homepage.  Click on whatever you want. Doing this will take you to a new page where you will select a sub-category and proceed to download.

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