Google TV Launches Kids Profiles In March

Tech companies, social media sites, and streaming sites are working around the clock to moderate the kinds of content kids have access to. Finally, after launching its TV platform, Google today announced the release of a much-anticipated feature; A separate kid profile.

Kid profiles will let you select which apps are available to children or teens. This way parents can control the kind of content on Google TV that their young ones have access to. The new feature also comes with screen time control settings, customize theme settings, Apps blocking, and control among others, therefore it’s full control for every parent with their kids on Google TV.

Google TV Launches Kids Profiles In March

How Does it Work?

Just like the Google TV for adults, kids will see rows of recommended, age group suggested shows to watch but unlike Google TV for adults, you do not necessarily need a Google account to set up one. Adding a Google account while setting up a kid’s profile on Google TV is optional. You could just put in the child’s name and age to create the profile.

You can also share movies and TV shows you’ve purchased to the kid profile with Google Play Family Library. In order to abate the amount of time kids spend on screen, the Google TV kids profile also comes with a setting that allows parents to set daily watch time limits for their children or teens.

Google TV product manager Saleh Altayyar explained that when the limit is reached, your kids will be greeted with three countdown warning signs before a final one which turns of the screen. He also added that parents have the option to add some extra bonus watch time for when it’s a free night.

Parents can ensure that smart kids do not switch over to other profiles apart from the kid’s profile by setting a PIN lock. Subsequently, kids’ profiles would roll out to other Google TV devices in the U.S this month, with a more massive release globally over the next few months.

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