Android Safe Mode |How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode On Android Devices

Android Safe Mode – Safe mode is the best way to run or launch those tough apps or services on your device. It’s like running an app on your PC as an administrator. It’s also useful in cases where your device is experiencing glitches or crashing due to an app or something else.

Although running your device in safe mode won’t in any way solve whatever problems your android device is experiencing, it will help get information about the problem and avoid them for the time being.

Android Safe Mode

How to Figure Out Your Device’s Issues with Safe Mode?

If your device functions well in safe mode, i.e no more glitches or hanging. Then one can conclude that it’s a problem with one of the software on the device. The next step will be to find that app or software and eliminate it.

These apps mostly fall under the category of apps you just installed or downloaded to your device, less useful apps, or apps that you do not use on your device. It can also be an app that comes with your device especially the ones that automatically start when the device boots on.

How to Turn On Safe Mode

On Android devices based on Android 6.0 marshmallow and above;

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • On your screen, hold a long press on the power-off option.
  • This will prompt the reboot to safe mode option to come up, select “Okay” to continue. Your device will then restarts and have a “Safe Mode” inscription in the bottom left corner.

If the above outlines don’t work, try out the one below especially if you are using an Android tablet.

  • Long press the power button and select the “Power Off” option thus turning off your device.
  • Once your device is off, long press on the power button again, this time till you see the animated logo of your Android device.
  • Release the power button and long press on the down volume button until your Android device boots on.
  • Release the button when you see the inscription, “Safe Mode” at the bottom left corner of your screen.

You can also check for the “Safe Mode” option in the notification drag-down panel at the top of your screen.

How to Exit Safe Mode In Android Devices

Apparently, turning off safe mode is easier than turning it on. Just hold a press on the power button and select the “Restart” option that pops up on your screen thus restarting your phone back into normal mode.

Alternatively, you can drag down the notification panel at the top of your screen and hit on the turned-on “Safe Mode” option to turn it off.

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