Apple Gets Help From Common Sense Media to Moderate Podcasts for Kids

Apple announced a partnership today with non-profit organization, Common Sense Media to help find and analyze the kind of content kids listen to on Apple podcasts. Common Sense Media are known for their expertise in categorizing and recommending media content for different groups and types of people.

While it lasts, this partnership will help categorize podcasts on Apple media player for different categories of listeners. Primarily the organization would just be grouping podcasts by age group and theme.

Apple Gets Help From Common Sense Media to Moderate Podcasts for Kids

Common Sense Media Categories of Podcasts

The recommendations will be broken down into;

  • Common Sense Media Picks: All-time favorites
  • One More! Mysterious tales and action-packed dramas
  • Kids Know Best. Popular shows for Kids and
  • Story Time: Story-driven shows.

The collection has creators like Tinkercast, Gen-Z media, Pinna, Tumble, Highlights, Rebel Girls, Nickelodeon, and so on. The site will be updated monthly thus bringing up new interesting and informative shows. There will also be shows based on the theme or celebration in a particular time range i.e Women’s history month and so on.

Families and kids can find the new recommendations in the Apple Podcasts app from today.

Apple’s Plan For Kids Podcasts

Not many kids listen to podcasts, basically more of Apple podcasts listeners are more of adult and less of youths and children. However, experts believe that the kids market may grow to the level of the adult podcast community. More than 60% of parents who listen to podcasts when asked said that they’re likely to purchase a paid subscription to podcasts for their kids.

This new feature comes after Apple recently launched the “Apple For Kids” website. A site that helps parents set up devices for kids and find information about family sharing options.


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