Secret Revealed! Facebook Messenger Football Game Hack

Facebook Messenger Football has over ten million players, and it’s a great game. Facebook Messenger is helping us to not just to communicate with our family, friends and loved ones but also to ensure that we’re not bored. The games section is really fun, especially when you’re playing with your friends or with anyone at all.

Facebook Messenger Football

Facebook Messenger football is a great game, time-consuming, and also difficult to get a great score. We all want to surpass our friends’ high scores in order to get bragging-right. If you want to get a great score on this game easily without stressing yourself, you need to go through this article, without missing any part.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Football Game

You need to keep on tapping the ball while in the air before it hits the floor. Immediately the ball hits the floor you have failed, and you’ve to start again. Ensure you continue dribbling the ball to avoid failing.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger Football / Soccer Game

  • Download the Game Killer Application

You need to have a game killer application on your phone to do this trick. It is really easy to download this app on your phone. Just search for Game Killer on Google Play Store or Appstore, you would see it there. Click on it and download it to download it on your phone. You can also download it on your computer, withstanding the operating system.

  • Open the Facebook Messenger Football Game

You can open it by using clicking on the Football emoji or by searching for the game on your Facebook Messenger Search Bar and click on it.

  • Dribble it once
  • Open the game killer
  • Click on auto identify
  • Wait for it to search till it tells you, done.
  • Click on unpause and then go back
  • Dribble twice
  • Open the game killer
  • Repeat the same step but enter your recent score
  • Dribble Thrice
  • Repeat the same step until only five or less are shown
  • Dribble the ball four times
  • Still, Repeat
  • Now dribble the ball five times
  • Repeat

After you have repeated it, click it. Type the score you want to display on the place where they wrote values. Ensure you don’t type a score that is too high, so your friends won’t have doubts and click okay.

  • Play the game and go back, it would display the new score you’ve typed.

Ensure you change the score as time goes on to also avoid prying eyes from your friends.

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