New Facebook Messenger Big Fish Game/Messenger Big Fish Game Hack!

Facebook Messenger Big Fish Game/ Messenger Big Fish Game is addictive and entertaining with over eleven million active players from different parts of the world.

Someone sent the link of Big Fish Game to a Facebook Messenger group chat. I thought it was a new game; I was shocked when I found out this game has been on Facebook since 2009. The link was a catchy one, so I opened the game, and I loved it although you see Fish Bang when you open the game.

Big Fish Game has nothing to do with fishing, although they make use of a river or pond and fishes. If you want to get unlimited coins on Facebook Messenger Fish Bang? Do you want to know how to unlock various fishes without stress? You’re in the right place. In, we have trained various game professionals.

Big Fish Game

Ensure theirs is no disturbance while you go through this article. I would advise you to join the Big Fish Game Facebook page so you can get unlimited access to the weekly promo, daily discussion, and early announcement and also make new friends with people around the globe.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Big Fish Game

Your pond can contain at least fifteen fishes while the river can only take ten fishes. The bigger your fish, the more money you get in the race.

  1. How to merge

Carry two same-level fish together to combine into the next level fish. A next level fish as I stated earlier earn more money than a low-level fish. If you want more coins, you have to keep on buying more fishes and upgrading them.

  1. How to earn coins

You need to drag the fish to the river to be able to earn. You can’t get anything from a fish that is at the pond. When the fish is in the river, you get a coin for every round.

How to Get Unlimited Coins on Big Fish Facebook Messenger Game

  • Click on the Gift Tab

The lift tab is close to the question mark and at the top of the river.  You would be given a simple task to perform, once it’s done you get your coins.

  • Click on the “Coin X2” Tab

This tab is below the river by the left-hand side. Click on it, and watch the ad. Once that is done, you get double the coin your fishes make in the river for a given time.

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