How To Be A Facebook Leads Expert

Facebook Leads – As a marketer, or if you are aspiring to be a successful marketer, one golden quality you need to possess is the ability to listen to your audience. Facebook always has something for you to keep you a step ahead when it comes to business.

This brings us to today’s topic: Facebook leads, the best way to have a perfect and productive customer base is by maintaining a business relationship with them. Letting them always know that their interests are your priority, and one significant way to do that is through Facebook leads.

What is Facebook leads?

Facebook leads are forms, which allows marketers to collect information from customers and also providing them with opportunities to connect, such as demo requests and newsletter subscriptions, all at the same time. When a user clicks on a Facebook lead ad, they are presented with a form that is pre-filled with their Facebook profile information, filling the forms takes a few minutes.

One useful attribute of the Facebook lead ads is that it works best with mobile phones since it takes a longer time to fill the form using desktop. Another good advantage is that Facebook lead ads can also be downloaded as a. CSV file. This will help marketers reach out in a more efficient fashion, which is very important in making a deal a successful one.

How can I generate Facebook lead ads?

Generating Facebook lead ads is easy, and you should be done in just a few steps :

  1. Go to Ads Manager, and navigate to the top left corner and click “ lead generation “ and give your campaign a name.
  2. Choose a page you wish to use for your lead Ad. When you are done choosing, click “view terms “ and read them if you must, but for you to proceed to the next level, you have to agree to Facebook lead Ads terms and conditions.
  3. Now, it’s time to choose your audience, budget, schedule, and placement. It is important to note that your audience must be 18 years and over.
  4. Select your preferred format; you can choose a single image, carousel, slide show or video
  5. Make your ad page look attractive, add a suitable headline, a complete body copy also a call to action. A preview of the ad you’ve created will appear on the right page of the window.
  6. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click “  contact form.“ It is in this form that you add your form title, custom questions, your privacy policy, and a thank you screen.
  7. At this stage, you have gone through all the necessary steps, but there is also an optional, but a recommended step, go to settings under your form and opt for organic leads. If you wish to change your language, you can also change it in the settings option.
  8. When you’re done, click finish in the top right corner. You can view your ads from ads manager and when you are good to go for publishing, click “confirm”.

Once you have successfully created your ad, you can have access to leads through the implementation of Facebook marketing, customer system integration, or manual download.

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