How To Be A Facebook Dating Pro

Facebook Dating – Online dating is a major trend that seems to be on the rise this day; the availability of various dating sites and apps has made it easy to find potential matches and bonding easy between their users. Just last year, Facebook decided to release its dating platform, known as Dating, not as a separate app; it is incorporated into the Facebook app.

Facebook dating service, commonly known as Dating came into light when the Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that there are more than 200 million single users of Facebook. The features are to create a conducive atmosphere for users to meet online and establish a dating connection. The app is easy to use as it is located inside the Facebook app- no need for downloading any other app.

Who can use the Facebook Dating service?

This service is only available for Facebook users that are above 18 years of age in their profile. Currently, it is only available in some countries like Columbia, Canada, and some other countries with expectations for the platform to be open for generally in all countries.

How Facebook Dating service works.

Typically, since the Dating service Facebook-owned, it implies that every user must have a Facebook account, but that’s not all, joining Facebook Dating service will require you to have a separate profile from your public profile. Some of your personal information like your first name and age will be gotten from your public profile, but you’ll have other details to fill out in your Facebook profile, these include your religion, job title, dating Interests, and additional related information.

You also get to add up to the nine of your photos and also include an initial question; this question is a more exciting way to start up a conversation rather than the conventional “hi.”

How do they match people?

Facebook employs some algorithm to help make potential matches. Some of the information Facebook gather to give you possible matches are based on what you have in common like your dating preferences, mutual friends and shared interests like being in the same Facebook Groups, Events and liking the same Page. All matches provided for you will not exceed a distance of 100 Km.

Your privacy is secure.

Using this service, you don’t have to worry about friends in your public profile account seeing what you do. Your friends and people you’ve blocked in your public account will not show up for potential matches, even messages sent to you will not go directly to your Facebook messenger.

Every activity done on Dating is private and safe. According to Mark Zuckerberg, he said this is designed especially for people who are interested in long term relationships and not just for hookups, so it’s a good head start for Facebook users who are interested in committed relationships.

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