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Facebook Buy Sell and Trade – The conventional way of buying and selling is by walking into a store, look for the item you want to buy, make your payment, and off you go.

Today the development of e-commerce is really spicing up buying and selling activities, and luckily for us, Facebook has made it possible for us to engage in trading within the Facebook community, through Facebook’s Marketplace and buy/sell Groups, taking good advantage of the population of Facebook users. We now have less reasons no to always be attached to Facebook.

Facebook Buy Sell and Trade

What is Facebook Marketplace? OR Facebook Buy Sell and Trade

This is a new feature that has just been integrated into the Facebook network, it serves as a platform for buying and selling of items within your area. These products are selected into various categories, depending on the nature and use of the products, for examples, when you enter Marketplace, and you select the vehicle category, you get to see a list of cars available for sale within your region.

The rules of engagement are pretty simple for sellers and buyers alike. A seller clicks on the Marketplace menu, selects the category of items he wants to sell and takes a clean shot of it (up to 10 photos), with a brief, but detailed description of the product, together with his asking price and uploads it. Any potential buyer that browses that category of item around that area is very likely to see the product that the seller put up for sale.

As a buyer, you want to make sure you have an idea of the product you want to purchase. If you find anything interesting you want to buy on Marketplace, make sure you contact the buyer by sending him/her a private message on Facebook, letting them know you are interested in their product, if its someone you haven’t met before, agree to meet an open, but secure location to finalize the deal on the trade.

Selling Through Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are basically a platform where users get to communicate about a common interest. The group operates by focusing on the sales of a particular merchandise of choice, either new or old, or both.

These Groups are managed by groups of administrators who control the activities of the group. These groups could either be public or private, where you will require permission from the admin before joining.

Buying and selling on Facebook Groups are much easier, since you all share a common ground of interest. It will be faster to find potential customers and make sales real quick.  

Upload a picture of what you want to put up for sale, with its description, its only a matter of time before you start getting likes, comments and messages from interested buyers, then you can bargaining on a price that works best for both parties.

NOTE : Facebook does not facilitate any type of payment, all payments between buyers and sellers are pretty much up to them to decide, all payments are basically offline. If you notice any funny move from either a buyer or seller, kindly report to Facebook to take up the necessary action.

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