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Buy, Swap, sell on Facebook – When you hear the word ‘Facebook ‘ , the first things that probably come to mind are friends, photos, comments, news feed and all, by all means, you are definitely right to think so, but its also good to know that the well-known social media giant isn’t just all about sending messages, poking and making comments.

The development of Facebook Marketplace and many groups have spread the Wings of Facebook farther than just a social, but also a conducive environment for business activities too.

Buy Swap sell on Facebook

With over a billion active users, Facebook has gradually become an integral part of our lives. Statistics show that the average American spends at least forty minutes on Facebook every day.

The idea of buying, selling and swapping groups on Facebook is just a further proof that company is trying to give us almost all the basic satisfaction we need at our fingertips .

Facebook Swap Shop Buy and Sell

These groups were created with the sole aim of promoting businesses and making it as easy and transparent as it could be. Although buying, selling and swapping on Facebook doesn’t reward you with some positive remark or reputable stars like some e-commerce sites, but Facebook grants you the avenue to know the actual person you are dealing with, their profile and the availability to even have a private conversation with them ,this builds some sort of transparency and confidence between all parties involved.

As a buyer or swapper, you can decide to post your items either through Facebook marketplace or through buy-and-sell groups, both come with their own unique advantages, While Marketplace helps you to reach out to potential buyers very close to you without having to worry about shipping fees.

Selling and swapping through Facebook groups doesn’t limit your brand to a particular area, and people in the group are readily interested in what you have to sell because you all share a common idea and opinion.

Whether you are buying Selling or swapping on Facebook, the transactions are usually very fast regardless of your area of concentration, due to population of people on Facebook Marketplace and also the buying and selling groups, in no time, you’ll start to get messages from interested customers, so its a win-win for every party involved.

Tips To Buy Sell and Swap On Facebook Marketplace

 Here are a few general tips to help you regardless of your area of choice.

  1. As a seller or swapper,  make sure you upload a very clear photo of your products and give a credible and fair description of the product, a good advice for sellers will be to start selling at low prices to attract potential customers.
  2. As a buyer, make sure you know the profile information of the seller, send them a private message and have a reasonable level of communication with them, meet up in a public place to discus the progress of the deal.

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