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Creating a Facebook business page is one of the best avenues for listing your business existence online. Although we might decide not to look at Facebook’s large amount of users as a reason for this, but the features its offers for businesses could assist your business on Facebook.

Facebook has been around for over 15 years now, one of the oldest social media platforms. These years also speak about the Facebook experience, Facebook has been helping businesses grow by enlarging its reach with its large user base.

As a business on Facebook, almost every user on Facebook could be a potential customer especially with the aid of Facebook’s magnificent tools. Tools and features such as Facebook ads, Marketplace, buy and sell groups, and so on.

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Reasons to Create a Facebook Business Page

  • Increase people’s awareness of your business and what it has to offer.
  • Most businesses are going on Facebook. Not because they really like it, but it has almost half the world’s population on itself. What better place to reach people thereby turning them to potential customers?
  • Manage aspects of your business by using Facebook’s vault of business features.
  • Manage and engage an active audience for your business thereby informing them what your business has to offer.
  • You also get to learn and grab tips from other successful businesses on Facebook.
  • There are lots of people on Facebook. You never can tell, you might be able to get a valid and active person to employ.
  • Mobilize and advertise your business to the world’s end.

These and many more are reasons to set up a Facebook business page. Setting up a Facebook business page might just be the boost your business needs.

How to Set-Up a Facebook Business Page

  • First, you must have a personal account. Sign up for Facebook if you don’t have it. Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Look at the very top of your Facebook news feed page and click on Create.
  • Select “Page” from the options given.
  • On the next list of options, select a category of the page you’d prefer. For small or growing businesses I’d advise you to choose “Business or Brand”.
  • Fill in your Business Information. There are different tabs with different questions, answer all correctly and proceed.
  • These tabs include your Business page name which should be the same as your business name so it will be easy for any person to locate and identify your business on Facebook.
  • Upload your Profile Picture and Cover photo. Use photos known or associated with your business or brand.
  • Invite friends to like and share your page. This will be like a base for your Facebook business page growth.
  • Check the left-hand menu, locate and click on About. Here you will fill in additional information about your business. Do fill in all tabs correctly. Your contact information, website name, hours of work, types of goods and services provided, these and many more you must fill.
  • Add a call to action button to your page. One in which people can easily use to communicate a one-time message to you.


Now you’ve created a Facebook business page, advertise the page and create awareness about it. Creating a Facebook business page is easy but maintaining and growing it is where the issue might be.

Like creating a Facebook account, you have to be active for that account to grow, post engaging content, join rooms, everything to make sure your business page stays active.

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