Change My Business Name on Facebook – Facebook Business Name Setup

Change My Business Name on Facebook; Facebook is a social networking platform that offers a lot to its users. It has several features which make the platform, not just a social one that helps you connect with friends and family but also, watch videos via the Facebook watch app, play games via the Facebook game, chat with other users via Facebook Messenger as well as go into a business via Facebook Marketplace or creating your own business page on Facebook.

Change My Business Name on Facebook - Facebook Business Name Setup

Facebook Business page represents a free opportunity for several businesses to generate sale on the social media platform, Facebook by expanding the brand awareness to other users all around the world. A Facebook Business page is actually created using a personal Facebook page.

So, it is required of the user to have signed up on Facebook before they can access the “Create A Page” located on the drop-down menu on the Newsfeed page.

In order for your Facebook Business Page to serve as an effective marketing platform for you business or brand. You will need to advertise and promote your business page. For you to successfully do this, you have to take advantage of the opportunities. Facebook provides through Facebook Ads in getting your business page and brand name into relevant business groups.

How To Change My Business Name on Facebook

There are certain reasons as to why a person would want to change the name of their business page on Facebook. But one of the major reasons might be due to the fact that they may want to Branch out from a group.

They were in initially and have chosen to pick a desired name for the Facebook business page. While keeping the likes and the followers rather than starting from scratch creating a new business page. Below are some points you need before you can proceed to change your Business Name on Facebook;

  • You must be an Admin, as this is what permits you to get to request a change of name for a business page on Facebook.
  • Current name of the page.
  • Desired name of the business page.
  • Changes on the business page should follow Facebook name Guidelines.
  • It takes about 3-7 working days to get a business page approved by Facebook if it is not reflected for crossing any of the guidelines.

Knowing all these we can now proceed to the simple yet consistent requiring steps to changing your business name on Facebook. To request a change to your business name;

  1. Click “About” on the left side of your page
  2. Tap Edit Page Info
  3. Input the new page name and click “Save Changes”
  4. Review the request and click “Request change”

Now, regardless of whatever category your page falls into either a “business or brand” page or a “public figure” page. Chances are you may want to edit your Facebook name at some point. Hopefully, these guidelines and steps will come in handy as you attempt to request a change of name on Facebook.

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