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Online Courses | Why You Need an Online Course? | Fields Online Courses Offer

Online Courses -This year must be a year that will ring bells anytime it’s mentioned, schools at a halt and learning will hardly take place. But then there is the Internet with courses and different kinds of stuff that will make learning fun and easy. Online courses are not the normal school courses with a… Read More »

Online Learning Platforms | 8 Top Online Learning Platforms

Online Learning Platforms – Have you ever thought of it? What happens when we as humans decide not to learn or become ignorant of knowledge? The world keeps changing and evolving, new things are formed from old ones and the essence to grow and evolve with the world can’t be undermined. Thanks to the Internet… Read More »

Download WhatsApp | WhatsApp New Features & Updates 2020 | Download WhatsApp Beta Apk

You should download WhatsApp because of its eccentric features; this app has over 2 billion users. That’s just amazing, giving the number of years it’s been around for. With 96 million downloads in February 2020, it’s the second most installed social media app this year after Tik Tok. That shows a 42.4% increase in download… Read More »

Word With Friends Facebook Game – How to Play Word Facebook Game

Word with friends Facebook game is a game that was introduced by Facebook with their Facebook gaming room platform. The word with friends game is an online game available on Facebook. The game is similar to scrabble in which users try to form words on a big board and the user with the most word at… Read More »

Word Blitz Facebook Game – How to Play Word Blitz Game On Facebook

Word Blitz Facebook Game; Facebook is the most popular social network with about 2.4 billion users making use of the platform generally. It is used for lots of things because the social media platform has lots of features to connect with family and friends. You can post and share, like, comment, tag a person, message… Read More »