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Google Maps- Navigation and finding one’s way around a new environment has always been an issue. Sometimes, getting familiar with an area’s topography can be quite a hard job to get through thus Google maps.

Google Maps app is one of the most popular navigation tools for anyone with a mobile device as it helps people get around queer places. Its user interface is friendly and can be easily comprehended by anyone. Every feature on Google Maps works to provide an easy and comfortable experience of exploring.

Its mapping data are collected through road sensors, local transport companies, Google mappers, user’s contributions or experiences, and so on. It works in 104 different countries.

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Download Google Maps

Most mobile devices integrated with Google already have the Google maps app installed to their device storage.

To download, just visit your device app store and search Google Maps. Proceed to download the app by following your app store prompts.

How to Use Google Maps

Using this app is easy and a live saver especially when you start feeling like you are lost. For the app to work efficiently, it must know where you are exactly, so turn on your device location or GPS.

  • Open the app and locate where you are going to on the map. You could do this by using the search bar or tapping on any location of your choice on the map.
  • In the bottom left corner, tap on directions.
  • In case you are looking to stop between trips, add additional destinations. Look to the top right corner and tap on the three dots (More) > Add stop, add where you wish to have a stop, and tap on done.
  • Choose your means of transportation. Options are Driving, Walking, Transit, Cycling, and Rides.
  • Note that without GPS signals or when there is poor network coverage the app won’t function well.
  • To follow an alternate route or way, tap on the grayline.
  • When Navigating using Google maps, you can decide to use the voice directions. Just tap on the account icon >Settings> Navigation Settings> Voice level and choose how you want the voice to be.
  • Whenever you are ready to start moving, tap on start. To stop check the bottom left corner and tap on Close or X.

You could also use the Google Maps App to find places like restaurants or hotels.

Follow these easy steps;

  • Open the app and type in the place you are searching for on the search bar.
  • Click on Enter.
  • Click Nearby or choose the location you prefer the place to be.
  • Specify what you are looking for exactly and let the Map do the trick.

Some Special Features You Might Like in Google Maps

Saved Tabs

You can save locations or places, making it easy to access them anytime. Check the bottom icon bar to check out this feature.

Incognito Mode

Remember Chrome Incognito mode, a separate tab in chrome where your search history is not saved. Well, the same goes for Google Maps. To access it, tap on the profile icon> Incognito mode.

Share Location

Tap on the profile icon>Location sharing>Get Started Button. This will enable you to share your current location with people on your contacts. It can also be done via apps.

To randomly share a location, tap and hold on the location on the map to pin it. Tap on the address section on the bottom of the screen, this will expand it and click on share. Select the platform you wish to share the location on.

Download Maps

This will enable you to view maps offline. Search for the map of the place you want to download and click on the Download button. Follow the prompts and proceed to download, make sure you do not download large areas as that may incur large data rates.

To access the downloaded map, check the Google Map menu>offline maps.

Using Voice Commands: Tap on the microphone icon and speak.

Google Maps Transport

You need a ride or you are without a means of transport, you could check out transport services like Uber. Click on the icon of a Person waving down a Cab, this will pop out a menu with options. This icon can be found on the Directions page.

Check Traffics

Immediately you request directions from Google Maps, it analyses traffic congestions on the way. Using colors like Green, Orange, and Red, it informs you how smooth your journey is going to be.

Green means clear, Orange is manageable, more like a bit congested and the color Red speaks for itself.

Create a Personal Map

This is my best feature because Google makes it so easy. To try this out, sign in to your Google account and navigate to My Maps. You can choose routes, stop places, edit maps of real-time locations. Whatever you create is saved to your Google drive.

Change Map View

Instead of the regular map view we get, you could edit it to give you a different view. Tap on the icon at the top right that looks like glued layers; this will pop out a menu of viewing options.

Tilting and pressing on the map with two fingers apart will also give a different view of the map.

There are so many other features that come with Google maps. You just have to keep exploring to figure them out.

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