Why Spotify & Other Apps Crash On IOS Devices? – Everything You Need to Know

Why Spotify & Other Apps Crash On IOS Devices? – Woke up this morning to some apps on my iPhone misbehaving. At first, it seemed like a simple glitch so i did not really get worried, just restarted my device and try to open the app (Spotify) again, and it’s still doing the same thing. Now it’s getting a little bit scary.

Then somehow I found myself on Twitter, amazed at why Spotify was trending. It seems I wasn’t the only one experiencing issues with the media streaming service provider. It also seemed that Spotify was not the only app malfunctioning on people’s devices.

why spotify and other apps crash on ios devices

Well, to an extent, it was relieving to know that I wasn’t the only one being haunted. At the same time, it was still scary because we were in the dark about what’s happening.

The whole morning mare lasted for about an hour or two at max and later got resolved by Facebook. Now the question remains, what does this have to do with Facebook?

What Caused It?

The cause of the apps crashing was as a result of Facebook’s Software Development Kit or Facebook’s SDK. This kit allows apps to integrate Facebook within itself, this way Facebook users can sign in to an app via their Facebook account.

Although the crash still affected everyone whether you’ve got the Facebook app on your device or not or you sign in to any of the apps via your Facebook account or not. Also, there were no reports of the same apps malfunctioning on any Android device.

A Facebook spokesperson informed the public that the experience they had was as a result of some change in code, apologized about the issue, and also reported that it has been fixed.

Facebook SDK

Facebook Software Development Kit makes it possible for Facebook to be integrated with any app. Hence making it easy for Facebook users to easily access the giant social media network from any app or service that has the Facebook SDK.

Facebook has been really encouraging app developers to install their SDK. The deal goes well for both parties as Facebook offers insights and campaigns to the app or service. In return, they could derive a lot of data and information about those apps and services users.

But this also implicates that once there is an issue with Facebook, it affects all apps that have Facebook integrated into itself.

Why Did It Only Affect IOS devices?

This is the second time exactly this kind of issue is occurring. It happened earlier this year, on the 7th of May to be specific due to a New Facebook SDK which was just released.

In a post from Facebook developer’s webpage, Facebook informed the public that they were aware of what was going on. It read; “We are aware and investigating an increase in errors on the IOS SDK which is causing some apps to crash”.

That explains why it only affected IOS devices. This is what you need to know about why Spotify & other apps crash on IOS devices.

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