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Toxicwap series section has the latest collection of TV series. This website is popularly known for its vast collection of movies. You can also find music, wallpapers, ebooks, themes, and so on this website.

Toxicwap offers the latest TV series for free which you can download to your device. There are ads popup but very limited and it’s easy to find any TV series on this website.

Toxicwap is the perfect website to download any favorite TV series from.

toxicwap series

Toxicwap TV Series Format

Every TV Series on this website is in MP4 quality at HD quality means you get to watch those TV series clearly on your screen.

Toxicwap TV series are categorized under the letters that begin their names. Let’s say you are looking for the TV series “The Witcher”. You should just find it under the letter “T”.

How to Download TV Series From Toxicwap

Follow the steps below to successfully download any TV series from Toxicwap;

  • Get to Toxicwap website @
    toxicwap webpage
  • Click on “TV Series”.
  • Select the letter that begins your TV series name. There are letters (A – Z) then “Numbers”. Numbers signify all TV series whose names have numbers beginning their spelling i.e 8 Days.
    toxicwap TV series page
  • We’d be using “Money Heist” as an example. Scroll down and click on “M”. TV series are arranged in alphabetical order, so you will find “Money Heist” in latter pages. Use the number tab at the bottom to select a page’s number or you could just keep clicking on “Next”.
    toxicwap tv series
  • Now, this is the part where you hit the TV series name.
  • Next, select a season of the TV series whose episode you would like to download.
    toxicwap series season
  • Thereafter, choose an episode.
  • On the next page, hit on “Download”.
    toxicwap download
  • You will be redirected to the download page. Tap on “Continue Download”.

Your download should start immediately; agree to the browser’s prompt to download the Toxicwap TV series to your device. Shouldn’t take time depending on your network strength and the size of the file you are downloading.


While downloading from Toxicwap is free and easy you must know that it’s not legal. It violates various copyright laws hence downloading from this website is not ideal.

It’s safe and there are no reports of malware or viruses on this site at least not yet but downloading from this website could attract punishments and fines if you are caught.

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