How to See Saved Passwords In Chrome PC | Finding Saved Passwords In Chrome On Windows PC

How to See Saved Passwords In Chrome PC – Chrome isn’t the only browser on Pcs but it’s the most used because of its quality. The browser literally makes browsing easy and simple with attributes that give users the best internet surfing experience.

When creating or signing in to an account through the Chrome browser, you are bound to get prompted by Chrome to save the account’s details to the browser. Doing this will make it easy for you to sign in to that account next time.

How to see saved passwords in chrome PC or computers is a question of whether the password you want to see was saved and the steps you will need to take.

how to see saved passwords in chrome PC

View Saved Passwords On Chrome

Being able to use the guide in this article to see saved passwords all comes down to the question of whether the passwords were saved or not. If you never agreed to the prompts to save your passwords from Chrome, then this guide is useless.

Saving passwords on Chrome is a very nice idea but with this guide, your passwords saved on Chrome can also be at risk from hackers and unauthorized personnel. This stresses the importance of setting a password on your PC or computer admin to deter any person from gaining unauthorized access.

Finding Saved Passwords In Chrome On Windows PC

The first thing you want to do is to open the chrome browser on your PC or computer. The chrome browser always creates a user account. Locate the user icon at the top right corner of the Chrome browser page, and click on it.

Google Chrome Browser

On the menu that pops-up, click on the “Key” icon or “Passwords”. The next page will harbor all accounts whose passwords you agreed to save. Now locate any account whose password you wish to see.

saved passwords on chrome

The passwords are hidden, to unhide them, tap on the “Eye” icon. The next and penultimate step is a vital one. Your PC or Computer tries to verify if it is you by prompting you to verify your device’s password.

saved passwords on chrome windows PC

This was what I was pinpointing on when I highlighted the importance of setting a password security protection on your PC or Computer. Once you verify your device’s security prompt, the password you chose to see will be revealed.

Can’t Find the Password

There are two possible reasons why you might be experiencing this. The first being that you never saved the password. Implying that you never agreed to Chrome’s prompt to save your account details.

On the “Passwords” page, if you scroll down you would find all accounts whose password you never saved. Scroll down and locate the “Never Saved” tab.

The second is probably the password was saved to a different Chrome user. A chrome user account is created via Google account. Sometimes the Chrome browser makes one of the Google accounts you signed into via its browser its Chrome user account by default.

To fix this, you could open a new Chrome browser on your PC or Computer by opening a chrome browser, tap on the “User” icon >”Add” at the bottom of the menu. After creating a new Chrome browser, sign in to the Google account where your passwords are saved. Then follow the same steps above (Finding Saved Passwords in Chrome on PC) to find the saved passwords.

Alternatively, on the chrome browser search for and login to your Google account. Then you would have access to all saved passwords in that Google account you signed in to.

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