Testony Facebook Game – How to Play Testony Facebook Game

Testony Facebook game can be traced back to the one of the numerous games Facebook introduced into their game room. This games was well introduced so users can enjoy them with their friends online. Friends can challenge each other and play for the glory of having the highest score  among each other.

Testony Facebook Game - How to Play Testony Facebook Game

Testony Facebook game can be sent to friends which means friends can challenge each other to play the games online. Their high scores would be shared with each other. Friends on Facebook can challenge each other on the platform. The main reason for the creation of the Facebook game room is for users to be able to play each other easily.

Features of Testony Facebook Game

The testony game is one of the games on the gaming platforms because of the massive amount of users it’s getting and this games are being played by users world wide , which means users can meet new friend that stay in different continents and become better friends, and they can also challenge old friend and play with them. This are the major features of testony Facebook game

  • Facebook games were created to serve as a stress reliever, users that play games actually use them to relax, and Facebook has tried to make their games relaxing and competitive at the same time that’s why Facebook allows users to  play Facebook games with their friends and family .
  • Testony game is a different kind of game . This game is very interactive,  it a  game where   questions are asked and users need to give answer so they can be evaluated , it asks questions that range from all topics personal life , personalities. Basically it brings up random questions and users just give their answers as reply’s .

The major features of the Facebook online  games are different from most online games they are always very easy to set up unlike some online games which are very complex in setting up , they are also more interactive than other online games. With the Facebook testony game that asks user questions and they have to reply users have to become  more interactive with the games .

How to Play Testony Facebook Game

Playing the testony Facebook game is actually easy. Users can play this games and challenge their friends as long as they have a stable internet connecting. And can answer the questions  being asked easily. This are the major features of the Testony game.

  1. Open browser
  2. Login to the Facebook website https://m.facebook.com/login
  3. Open the Facebook game room
  4. Select the testony game in the gameroom

This are the steps to follow when users want to play the testony game. However, they can easily enjoy the games with their family and friends.

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