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Facebook Marketplace Rules And Guideline for Buying and Selling

Facebook Marketplace Rules – The marketplace feature is the latest addition to the Facebook network , basically created to promote buying and selling between users on Facebook. This tool has received a lot of reviews from users and more people are now getting interested with the Marketplace function, the rules and how to go about… Read More »

Facebook Marketplace App Install | Buying and selling on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace app – On the 3rd of October, 2016, Facebook announced the release of its new hub; Facebook Marketplace, a platform to facilitate buying and selling of items on Facebook. The Facebook Marketplace app l was created to spread the Wings of the giant social network across chatting and connecting with people. Facebook noticed… Read More »

Facebook Buy And Sell Marketplace | Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

Facebook Buy And Sell – Facebook is no longer just a platform for just chatting with friends and scrolling through news feed; it is also now an online marketing platform and lots of users are already taking advantage of this. With the billions of users on Facebook, you stand a greater chance of reaching your… Read More »