Facebook Marketplace App Install | Buying and selling on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace appOn the 3rd of October, 2016, Facebook announced the release of its new hub; Facebook Marketplace, a platform to facilitate buying and selling of items on Facebook.

The Facebook Marketplace app l was created to spread the Wings of the giant social network across chatting and connecting with people. Facebook noticed that over 450 million Facebook users use groups to make buying and selling transactions.

In order to create a community of online traders that can buy and sell under one service, the Facebook Marketplace was incorporated into the network .

Facebook Marketplace App

You can have access to this feature by tapping the ‘store’ icon at the bottom of the Facebook page and make your search more definitive by browsing either through category, price or seller location.

The Facebook Marketplace App is not available in all the countries for now, but Facebook is working to extend this service to be available globally to reach out to the plethora of Facebook users all around the world .

Buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace App.

This is pretty simple, the seller takes a picture of the merchandise that is up for sale and tag it with a fitting description, price ,(contact details) and other necessary information about the product.

Then the seller uploads the picture in the suitable category, befitting the merchandise in the Marketplace place section of Facebook . Its only a matter of time before buyers start receiving offers and price negotiations on the products uploaded for sale.

Buying On FacebooK Marketplace App

However, if you want to buy an item on Facebook Marketplace App, be sure to gather enough information as possible regarding the item you are seeking and the seller,  these information include the item description, the name and profile picture of the seller , the location of the seller,  and if possible, the phone number of the seller. It is also important for you to note that Facebook does not expedite the payment or delivery or items or commodities in the Marketplace service.

If you are looking for a particular commodity that is not available in your region, you can use the built-in location function on Facebook to adjust your current location, or better still, change to a different location. You can also save a list of items you are interested in to the ‘find later’ menu , where it will be easier for you to see the items you’ve saved in case you’d like to make the purchase for a later time.

Finally, when you are ready to buy an item, its better for you to send a direct message to the seller on Marketplace, telling him/her that you are interested, it will now be up to both parties to determine how to meet or discuss the process to make the transaction a success.

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