How can someone Selling Via Facebook Marketplace, shop or store? One thing we know for sure about Facebook is that it continues to evolve from time to time. A lot of users have leveraged on this evolution to the best advantage and are now making some real cash through selling via Facebook. Today, there are loads of platforms for you as a seller on Facebook, which will not only help you make sales, but also expand your business as a brand or individual to an even more bigger reach.

Big or small, any merchant can utilize Facebook to his/her own benefits. There are platforms readily available for you as a seller to reach out to potential buyers online, these platforms include Facebook Marketplace, buy/sell groups, Facebook pages and more. In this article, we shall be looking at how to utilize these platforms to make good sales and attract more customers.

Selling Through Facebook Marketplace –Selling Via Facebook

This is a new roll-out on Facebook, a feature that comes in a time that it is mostly appreciated. Marketplace is a comfortable platform to sell your product as a seller and reach out to thousands of people using Facebook around you. With Facebook having access to our devices’ location, it makes it easier for people around to see your product and before you know it, messages will be coming in bulks from potential buyers.

When logged in, tap the Marketplace menu and select the category where your item falls under, as a seller, you want to advertise your product with utmost professionalism, make sure you upload a very clear, descent photo of your product, when describing your product, be fair and honest in your description and give out all important information and quality  there is to know about the product, include your asking price, then upload. Be ready to entertain different kinds of questions from potential buyers and answer their questions like a professional, nobody wants to deal with an amateur trader. It is also good to take screenshots of your successful sales and records, this will help you later in the long run.

Selling Through Facebook Buy And Sell Groups –Selling Sites On Facebook Near Me

This method has been around for a long time now and has also proven helpful in the course of promoting sales through Facebook.  Groups are basically for people who share common interests. There are different Groups on Facebook, we have Groups for sports, academics, entertainment and so on, but the buy and sell Groups are the ones with the highest number of participants . Selling on Facebook Groups is basically the same idea as you would in the Marketplace, but Groups will not be limiting you to just your region alone, as it is very possible for foreigners to be members of your Groups, it is important to include your location and shipping fee when describing your merchandise.

Create Your Facebook Page – Facebook Buying And Selling Page Marketplace

Having your own Facebook page is just like owning your own store, a Facebook page allows people to connect and interact with your brand. Go to  and click the three horizontal lines on the top page, scroll to the bottom and click on “create page “to create your Facebook page. A good advantage of the page is that you get to customize your brand to your preferred taste, gives you a better opportunity to engage your buyers and also help you to build your brand better by opting to collect testimonials and reviews from your customers.

Selling via Facebook has helped people gain financial freedom to a good extent. Do you have a something to sell, why not stop at Facebook and give it a try and be among the hundreds of millions with positive testimonies about selling via Facebook.


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