Sell Things On Facebook For Free | Sell Stuff On Facebook Group

Sell Things On Facebook: Apart from using Facebook to make friends, chat, join groups, and post or view updates on news feeds or status update Facebook is also used for selling.

Selling things on Facebook can either be on Facebook buy and sell group pages or Facebook marketplace. When you are selling on Facebook you should create a Facebook page which you can use to keep your buyers updated.

When you are selling things on Facebook, you can sell locally or globally, when you are selling locally you are selling to people in your immediate location, but when you sell globally you sell to people at a far distance.

Sell Things On Facebook

If you are a seller on Facebook you can do all activities concerning selling within Facebook, like receive  money through Facebook on Facebook messenger with Facebook pay.

How To Sell Things On Facebook Group

Selling things on Facebook can be done in Facebook groups, to sell on Facebook group, buy and sell feature of that must be on. Only group admins will be able to turn the feature on. The following is a step by step procedure on how to sell on Facebook group

  1. Connect your device to the internet
  2. From your web browser log on to Facebook, or launch Facebook app
  3. Login to your account
  4. Open the group
  5. Tap on sell
  6. List the item you want to sell
  7. Write all necessary information about the item
  8. Add a current photo of the item
  9. Post your item to the group

After an item has been sold you can mark that item as sold by clicking in mark as sold. This will indicate that the item is not presently available.

How Start Sell Things On Facebook Market Place

FB marketplace and Facebook buy and sell groups are not exactly the same, you should also know how to sell on Facebook marketplace if you are interested in selling things on Facebook

  1. Connect device to internet
  2. Launch Facebook and login
  3. Click on the marketplace icon
  4. Tap selling then what are you listing
  5. Enter details about the item you are listing
  6. Add a photo of your item and confirm your location the post your item

New Facebook user and Facebook users younger than 18 years old will not be able to access Facebook marketplace. If you can’t access Facebook marketplace, you should try selling things on Facebook buy and sell pages

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