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Online Learning Platforms – Have you ever thought of it? What happens when we as humans decide not to learn or become ignorant of knowledge? The world keeps changing and evolving, new things are formed from old ones and the essence to grow and evolve with the world can’t be undermined.

Thanks to the Internet and devices that could access the web, learning has never been easier. We could sit home and learn about new stuff and gain insights about the constantly changing world we dwell in. With online learning platforms, learning can be brought to our comfort zone.

The COVID19 pandemic has kept everyone indoors, learning online will prepare you for life after the lockdown and improve you in ways you won’t expect. It was recently discovered that 3 out of every 10 people are taking online courses worldwide. Why not join them today and make the best use of your time.

There are quite a lot of online learning platforms, all created to help people learn and gain knowledge about different courses. I will be listing some of the most accessible ones. This list is not just for students but also for people looking to work on their intelligence.

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8 Top Online Learning Platforms


This, I will suggest to students on lockdown who are looking to learn a specified human skill or course despite the barriers. With access to 150,000 courses translated to over 65 different languages, this platform stands tall when it comes to learning online.

It’s a perfect learning platform for anyone to pick up on different subjects as it offers different techniques such as audio, video, text characters, and so on. Udemy allows you to preview courses, in the case that you’re not satisfied with the course you chose.

Also, Udemy also has an app for both ios and android devices and gives a certificate at the completion of any course taken.


This works almost like the University as it offers students the chance to school online and complete degrees. It’s extremely affordable and offers all varieties of courses and programs. As a student looking to continue learning despite being at home, this is the best option as it offers the University courses curriculum.

It also works on mobile devices and offers over 4000 different courses.


Teachable makes online learning look more like you are in school, it bridges the gap between online teachers or instructors and students. It creates a platform where instructors can build a learning relationship with students.


This platform offers over 1000 free online courses with certificates at the completion of any taken course. Alison helps learners or students focus on a specified course or subject thereby helping them gain valuable skills on the specified course or subject.

This platform is expertise is based on fields like Technology, Business, and Health and they also offer one-time online courses.


Skillshare courses offer people the chance to learn life skills and creativity. It primarily functions visually (video-based). Its courses are designed to impact people with knowledge on how to make a living based on how creative we could become. As the name suggests, it deals mainly in skill impacting and learning.

It also offers some courses for free, and it’s normal courses are very affordable.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a full classroom learning experience to its users online by creating a teacher-student interaction. It deals with all categories of learners and creates features that help people pick up the pace at which they learn.

They deal in fields ranging from maths, science, computer education, humanities, management, and so on. It operates in 36 different languages and I prefer to think of this platform as an Online classroom.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is one of the big names when it comes to online learning although it does not really offer courses or work the same way the above-listed platforms do.

This platform offers tools for instructors to create an online class and manage the students in it. Google classroom works better with instructors and students who are quite familiar with themselves.

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This online teaching software helps instructors organize courses in different fields. WizIQ provides tools that make online teaching easy and creative thereby making sure students do not waste their time or resources. WizlQ creates a platform where educational instructors or teachers can be empowered with tools that helps create and manage virtual classes.

It offers over 70,000 courses and its one of the best platform when it comes to connecting students to educators. This kind of Platform is not like the rest, it’s more like a teaching-oriented platform as Google Classroom.

Learning is made easy and fun with these platforms. Most of them like Skillshare and Coursera offer degree courses at prices lower than they are supposed to be. Also, online courses do not take a lot of time. Subjects, courses and topics that take up to a year to scale through might be done within 4-6 months.

You could also make money by applying as an educational instructor on any of these platforms. Given that you are qualified. Top instructors on Skillshare make up to $3000 monthly. There is more to education than learning.

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