iOS 14 Tips & Tricks | 14 Tricks You Need To Know About iOS 14

The iOS 14 has a lot of new features that make it look so cool and interesting to use. Probably the reason most users can’t wait for its release consequently installing the iOS 14 beta version.

Many changes were made, okay let’s retract that statement. Lots of interesting updates were made and here are some of them. Check out these new tips & tricks in the iOS 14.

ios 14 tips and tricks

14 Tricks and Tips About The iOS 14

Let’s get to it, shall we? Here are 14 interesting tips & tricks you should know about iOS 14;

  1. Add or Remove Homescreens

This I haven’t seen on any mobile device OS before. The ability to condense your apps into one single screen.

Hold a press on your home screen and then tap on the dots at the top to show the number of screens you have. From here you can toggle on and off any home screen you want to.

  1. The New Translate App

This new translate app does not require your device to be connected to the internet to operate and it functions in 11 different languages. Just type a word you need to translate and get it result.

  1. Add Widget

IOS 14 sees the widgets put on the main home screen alongside your device apps. You can decide to add a widget or two by holding a press on your home screen. Tap on the “+” icon in the top-left corner, select a shape for the widget and drop it on your home screen.

  1. A New App Library to the right of your home screen where all your apps are located.
  2. NO to Full-Screen Calls

Also, a first in almost every device I’ve come across. Calls are one thing on mobile devices that take up the whole screen when on calls you can’t do any other thing with your smartphone.

Finally, an OS that offers a solution to that problem. Rather than a full-screen call, you get a drop-down box with options to accept or reject a call.

  1. Picture in Picture Mode

This is one of the most exciting features of the IOS 14, a mode that allows you to do other things on your iPhone while on voice or video calling. It also works with watching videos, implying that you can keep replying to that friend while watching a movie.

What it does is to put either of the tasks you are doing concurrently in a small picture in picture box.

  1. Easy Reply to a Single Person in a Group Conversation by long pressing on the Message and selecting to reply.

  2. Check Out the New Password App

A special iOS 14 app that gives you passwords recommendations and tips on a particular password. This app will tip you on a stolen, leaked common or weak password with possible actions you can take on the particular password.

  1. Mirrored Selfies

iOS 14 enables your camera to take mirror selfies. To activate this setting, open the Settings app and go to the camera menu. Select “Composition” and toggle on the “Mirror Front Camera” option.

  1. The Back Button Tap Trick

This is a device gesture to enable a trick and you will have to set it up. Open the “Settings” app and navigate to “Acessibilities”. Select “Touch”, scroll down and tap on “Back Tap”.

From here, you can decide which command a tap system on the “Back Button” should send to your device.

  1. Back Button

One of the main reasons why we operate smartphones is because of apps. We open this app, do some stuff and then open another app to do the same thing and we keep repeating the process.

This trick allows you to choose which screen you’d like to go back to after opening a number of screens in an app. To do this just hold a press on the back button and choose which screen you’d like to go back to.

  1. Safari Websites Translation

Ever browsed out a website and it’s in a language you have no idea about, the feeling is rather frustrating. Safari now has a new feature that translates entire web pages into chosen languages.

Just tap on “AA” button just beside the search bar on the webpage you want to translate. Do note that this feature is not supported by all webpages.

  1. Pin Conversations on Message App

Have an important conversation that you’d love to pin like in emails or chats, the messaging app now does just that. Just hold a press on the conversation and select “Pin”.

  1. Siri’s New Design

Siri isn’t in full-screen mode anymore, it’s been readjusted as this is as cool as it gets. It now takes up a little space at the bottom of your screen when needed.

When you make a request also, its result will appear at the top of the screen. Also, Siri is not just smarter and smaller but also more intelligent and resourceful as it can now find answers using the internet.

These are just start-up tips and tricks you need to know about before you start using the iOS 14. There are a lot more but you’ve got to get the iOS 14 before finding them out.

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