Instant Messaging App: Signal Down In China

The instant messaging app, Signal can’t be accessed in mainland China due to the authorities of the country banning the website of the app on the 15th of March. The app’s unavailability started on the 16th of March and since then users have not been able to use the app in China.

The Signal app is mostly known for its encryption features. It provides an instant messaging platform where users can communicate securely and privately apparently too privately for the Chinese authorities.

instant messaging app signal down in china

Signal messaging app encryption systems use two keys at both user’s ends while they are chatting to encrypt their messages. This way your messages are encrypted to your device although you can opt-out of the feature.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp made some new policies that a lot of its users did not take likely. Consequently, a huge section of WhatsApp users threatened to switch to Telegram or Signal. Evidence of just how good the Signal app is when it comes to Instant messaging.

The encrypted chat app was one of the notable remaining social media apps still accessible in China without the use of a VPN. Among such Chinese banned apps are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the giants of social media. Signal might just be honored to join the party.

While the Google Play store is also unavailable in the country, the Apple store still has the Signal app available for download, maybe the Chinese government hasn’t informed the company of its actions formally yet. Most third-party Chinese app stores have already taken down the messaging network.

Neither the Chinese government nor Signal company has made any statements or announcements concerning the app’s predicament in China. We can’t also say how long this will go on for so probably it’s time to re-download WeChat.

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