How to Mark a File as Favourite in Google Files

How to Mark a File as Favourite in Google Files – Google Files now has a feature that will put an end to your relentless search for that important and favourite file of yours. A new favourite folder has been added to the app to make it more efficient in grouping user’s files so they can easily locate their documents on the service.

Before the release of this feature, finding files on Files by Google can be frustrating. The Google service now has all the features to make it potentially one of the best in its line.

How to Mark a File as Favourite in Google Files

How to Add Files to the Favorites Folder

It’s very simple; basically you just need to mark such files as favorites.

  • Locate and access the files you want to add to the favorite folder.
  • Next, tap on the three dots menu (ellipsis) next to the file.
  • Choose “Add to Favorites”.
  • Your chosen file will automatically be added to the favorite folder.

A star icon will appear beneath the specific added to favorites file thus marking it as a favorite file(s).

How to Locate the Favourite File Folder

This feature comes with the latest version of Files by Google. The Favourite tab is located in the browse tab in the app.

When you open the Google Files app, tap on “Browse” and then select the “Favorite” folder to access all the files you’ve marked as favorite. Every file you’ve ever added to favorites using Google files would be found here. An effective way to store that office file you’re presenting soon.

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