How To Join Marketplace Facebook – Facebook Marketplace Buy And Sell Near Me

Facebook is a social media with a lot of features. The Facebook marketplace being one of the features can be used to advertise. And also, sell different categories of items and materials. Also, buying and selling have become so convenient and fast with the Facebook marketplace.

When you join marketplace you can either choose to sell to people nearby or sell to people far away. However, if you choose to sell to people far away it is advisable that you add delivery charges in order not to run at a loss. If you do not know how to join marketplace we will show you how and the requirements.

How To Join Marketplace Facebook - Facebook Marketplace Buy And Sell Near Me

However, the Facebook marketplace is not yet available to everyone on Facebook, you must be of a certain age. And in some particular countries for you to be able to join the market place. You can join the marketplace with your PC or with your mobile phones.

You can also join the market place with either Facebook mobile app or with Facebook web from your device browser. On Facebook marketplace you can sell new or used items, items under categories like electronics, furniture, clothing, automobile and many more can be sold on Facebook marketplace. All you need to do is join the marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Buy And Sell Near Me

Just like all other organizations, stores and businesses, there are some rules and regulations that are guiding Facebook marketplace. These rules were made and implemented by Facebook to make Facebook a very safe.

And also, the user-friendly platform for buying and selling. Anyone who violates Facebook marketplace rules may be kicked out of the Facebook marketplace and also face some other punishment. Now you know the basics of the Facebook marketplace you should know how to join the marketplace.

How to Join Marketplace – Steps and Procedures

To join the marketplace is completely free, there are no charges if you want to know how to join the market place, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Login to your Facebook account.
  3. Once you are on Facebook, tap the shop icon to open the Facebook marketplace.

That’s all! You are already on the Facebook marketplace and you can start selling or buying. If you are below 18 years old you will not be able to join the marketplace. However, any new Facebook users can’t join the marketplace too.

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