How to Hide and Unhide Yourself on Zoom Meetings

How to Hide and Unhide Yourself on Zoom Meetings – Video calls or conferencing are great, it’s way better than audio. The concept of video calls is so every participant can see each other to get the most out of the meeting and also see yourself while in the conversation.

Like me, some people are video shy. We can’t manage the pressure of seeing ourselves on a screen because then different thoughts begin to ravage our heads.

How to Hide and Unhide Yourself on Zoom Meetings

How do I look?, I think I overdressed, Woah, my head’s very big, when did I get so fat. Questions like this begin to pop in our heads and all of a sudden we’ve turned the Zoom video of us into a looking mirror. Surely the other participants on the video call might get very uncomfortable quickly.

The last thing anyone needs is a distraction in a Zoom business meeting or a Zoom video conference so why not hide yourself to reduce the risk of that.

Hide Yourself Video Feed From Yourself On Zoom

This setting allows you to hide the video feed of you from yourself however other participants in the video conference would continue to view you without any disturbance. It is only available to Zoom via PC or a computer.

Try this on a mobile device and you will completely hide your video feed from yourself and the fellow participants, you’d be basically on audio-only mode.

How to Hide Your Video Feed From You On Zoom

Gallery Mode (all screens are equal or small-sized); Right-click on your video and select “Hide Self View” from the pop-out menu.

Speaker Mode (Big screen mode); Navigate to “Full-Screen View” and hover over your image. On the pop-out menu, select “Hide Thumbnail Video”.

How to View Your Video Feed on Zoom

To reverse your earlier decision just hover the cursor on the screen until a pop up menu appears. Then locate and select the “View” menu at the top right corner of the screen.

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