How to Change Apple Watch Band | Easy Steps to Remove Old and Add New Watch Band

How to Change Apple Watch Band – Smartwatches change the idea behind the term by adding technology to its list of functions. Watches are basically time checkers but one can admit it’s used more as wears than that and now with an Apple watch your wristwatch can function as so many things.

Changing your apple watch band isn’t that hard but you’d have to concentrate to pull this off. Do the wrong thing at the wrong time and you’re going to be changing something else and not its watch band.

How to Change Apple Watch Band

Steps to Remove Your Apple Watch Band

To change the watch band, you’d have to remove the former one. Take the Watch off your wrist and let’s get started.

  • Set up a platform with a soft material on it i.e a table with soft thick clothing to prevent scratch marks on the watch face.
  • Turn the watch to the other side and locate two thin elongated oval release buttons at the top and bottom.
  • Hold on to one of the release buttons and shift the band to the right or left until it slides off the watch body.
  • Repeat the process for the other watch band at the other side of the watch. Do not freight if it’s hard to remove; just add a little more pressure to the buttons and shift the band with a little more force, it might be stuck due to the particles in the band’s edges.

Steps to Add the New Watch Band

It’s simple; just fit the band in to the watch till it clicks together.

  • Put in the band and make sure that both sides are in alignment with your watch.
  • Place your new watch band into its respective notch just till it makes a click sound. Then ensure it’s all fine by twisting the band from side to side carefully and with little force.
  • Now repeat the same process for the other side of the watch. Do not press on the release oval buttons while doing this.

You are now good to go but before that; wiggle the watch and ensure that the watch bands are safely connected to the Apple’s watch head so it doesn’t fall off while you’re trying to slay with it.

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