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How To Build A Facebook Store . For all online merchants who deals in the sales of goods and items, knowing how to build a Facebook store is crucial, crucial in the sense that Facebook stores will help you boost your customer base and sell your products.

Facebook online stores is an ecommerce service under Facebook that can be used to sell and buy goods, in the Facebook online stores you can either choose to be a buyer or a seller.

How To Build A Facebook Store

If you intend on using the Facebook online stores and you already have an existing online store from a random e-commerce website builder you can easily link that online store to your Facebook online store, but if you don’t have any online stores at all, you must know how to build a Facebook store to be able to get one  on Facebook, after building a store on Facebook you can then add products to it.

How To Build A Facebook Store

Facebook store set up is basically the same as building a Facebook store, building a Facebook store might take some time and look a bit difficult if you don’t know how to build a Facebook store, but there’s no need to worry because the following steps will help you with Facebook store set up

  1. Connect to an active internet
  2. Open Facebook and login to your Facebook account
  3. Open your shop page and click on the shop link
  4. Accept the terms and policies of use (after reading it) to continue
  5. Add business details
  6. Add payment procedures and payment methods
  7. Describe the kind of products you want to sell
  8. Add products to your new store

Always ensure to crop the photo of your products before uploading them, portrait or landscape photos are not allowed.

How To Add Products To Your Facebook Store

After knowing how to build a Facebook store, knowing how to add products to your Facebook store is the next important step, because you cannot leave your stores without products, you can add products to your Facebook store with the following steps

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Open your Facebook store page
  3. Click on add products, then tap on the name of the product
  4. Open your product detail page
  5. Click on manage
  6. Save it

After adding a products you can edit it by adding descriptions and real images of the product, you can also add a price and name the product.

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