Find My Lost Phone iPhone | find my lost phone

Find My Lost Phone – To find lost phone you will need a working internet connection to transmit the location to get the best location result.

Various tools are mainly used for parental control but can be used to find my lost phone. More than that the software can be used to monitor messages, calls, location, WhatsApp messages, and many other.

If you misplace your mobile it was stolen you can use the app to follow GPS location or route.

Find My Lost Phone iPhone

How To Find Lost Phone iPhone

To find lost iPhone:

  • Access your settings
  • Tap on the icon with your photo, name
  • Tap on find y
  • Select find my phone
  • Ensure that you enable offline finding
  • Ensure your the last send location is on

Find My Lost Phone With Location Google And Its Services Android

Find my lost phone using Google find my device formerly known as a device manager.

Requirements need to find my lost phone on Google:

  • Your device must be connected with your Google account
  • Your device has access to an internet connection
  • Turned on default to grant access to find my device to easily locate your phone by turned on default, this can be changed in the Google settings app
  • Grant find my device permission to lock your device and erase its data (turned off by default)

Find my device is a google official tool that can be used to track your device, and you don’t have to install an app to track your mobile to ensure is connect to your Google account, turned on, and connected to the Internet.

How Can I Track My Lost Phone?

To remotely find my lost phone, lock my lost phone or erase:

  • Access
  • Sign in to your google account, click on the listed phone at the top
  • If the lost phone gets a notification
  • You will receive a notification about your phone on the map
  • Pick an option that suits you and proceed.

How Can I Track My Phone Is It Switched Off?

You can use google timeline to find my lost phone even if your phone is dead or turned off


  • Your mobile device had an internet connection before it went off
  • Your device is connected to a Google account

Use Google Photo To Find Your Phone

Requirements are:

  • Access to the internet
  • Enable back up and sync
  • Take pictures with a lost device

Use Google photos to find your phone:

  • Visit Google photo
  • Proceed to log in
  • If any pictures were taken after your device was stolen, click on the photo
  • At the upper right corner click, click on the info
  • You can see the images, including the location it was taken.

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