Facebook Messenger Words with Friends game has over five million players worldwide. It’s just like scrabble and has to do with words. The official language of this game is the English Language.

For you to defeat your friends in this game, you don’t have to be proficient in English, all you must to do is go through this article and learn the cheats, hacks, and trick. With this Facebook Messenger Words with Friends Cheat, hack and tricks, you can defeat a pro anytime, any day.

Facebook Messenger Words With Friends

Winning earns you bragging rights among your friends, boost your self-esteem, and you get lots of praises from people. I always tell people, “If you want to increase your self-esteem you have to win.” This method works for a lot of people. You can use this as a bonding moment for you and your children.

How To Play Words With Friends On Facebook Messenger

This game is straightforward to understand, like A.B.C.

  1. You open your Facebook Messenger App on your phone, or you log unto Facebook on your PC.
  2. Search for the “Words with Friends” on your Facebook Messenger or PC search bar.
  3. When the game has finished loading, you would see your all your Facebook friends that play ‘Words With Friends.’ Click on the name of anyone you want to play with. If your friend name is not there, click on ‘Find Opponent’ and your friend’s list would display when you click on it.
  4. Create a word on the board by arranging the tiles horizontally or vertically. The first word in the game must be placed on the plus tile.
  5. Words added must be connected to any word on the board.
  6. If you can’t get a candid word with your tiles, you can use a turn to exchange them.
  7. When you’ve got a word ready, tap play and it would be sent to your friends.
  8. While waiting for them to play, you can start another game with another person.

Things You Need To Know About Facebook Messenger Words With Friends Game

  1. The little number on top of the letter signifies the scoring point.
  2. You get a bonus 35 points if you play all the seven tiles.
  3. Play your tiles on the colored square on the board to get an extra point.
  • DL – Double the value of the tile played.
  • TL – Triple the value of the tile played.
  • DW – Double the value of the word played.
  • TW – Triple the value of the word played.

Facebook Messenger Words With Friends Hack, Cheat and Tricks

Download Word Cheat APK

This application helps you formulate great words, without you leaving the game. You don’t have to stress yourself to win now.

Download Snap Cheats

This application is available on Google PlayStore. It helps you strategize and also impress your opponents, including America and British word list available.


Go to this site and click on the word with friends cheat. Input the words on the search bar and click on, ‘ Get Words,’ and it shows you various possible words, then you choose. It’s fast.

With these Facebook Messenger Words With Friends Cheat hack and tricks, you can defeat anybody including your English professor.


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