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Facebook Games free to play with friends- Facebook, being one of the giant social media today, has won the hearts of many today because of the many ways it manages to engage its fans from chatting with friends, joining groups that share your interests and views about something, events organization to Facebook Marketplace and now, to playing games.

Facebook has a wide variety of instant games for you to choose, some of these games require you to be a single player, others may require to team up as a pair or go head-on challenge with another player while others may even allow you compete with the best players all around the world. And guess what? Most of them are completely Facebook Games Free.  

Facebook Games Free

How do You Play Instant Games on Facebook? | Facebook Games Free

It’s quite easy, just navigate your way to the News Feed menu and select games. If you don’t find the games option there, simply tap on “see more “ and you’ll see the games option.

You can choose from the list of available games or engage the search bar to find a particular game of your choice. Based on critics and players judgement, we have been able to compile a list of the best games to play on Facebook. In this article, we shall be discussing them and how to play these games.

Candy Crush Saga Facebook Games Free

This makes number one on our list, this is so because of the number of people, positive reviews and also how easy it is to learn and master the game.

Your aim in this game is to clear as many rows and columns in just a few moves as possible. You can achieve this by lining three or more candies to be on a row and this can be done by swapping pieces of candy in order to achieve three or more in a row. As you progress in the game, you begin to earn yourself some points and certain moves, depending on your level of advancement.

8-Ball Pool

This is a game that puts your cue handling skills to the test and compete with other players around the world too. As you play the game, you begin to gain experience and also coins that you can trade to unlock more exciting themes and patterned cues that befits you’re style of play.

Texas Hold ‘em Poker

Just like the saying “everything is big in Texas”, you can win chips and coins by playing in different kinds of tournaments and use your use your coins to play bonus games and stand the chances of winning even more chips.

You have less tension of losing your money because you get to start with free chips when you start playing the game.

There are so many in the list but just these three made it to the top three, others that make it to the top ten list include pet rescue saga, words with friends, criminal case, FarmVille2, Angry Birds friends, Dragon city and Top Eleven : Football Manager.

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