Creating A Unique And Lasting Facebook Community

The concept of Facebook community js one that has been sparking a lot of skepticism for businesses. Many organizations have been taken aback to find their brands appearing on community pages where they aren’t in control. Unlike the usual Facebook business page where business owners tend to manage the progress of their page and businesses.

The Facebook community page is kind of page that is committed to a particular experience or concept that is held and maintained by a group of people connected to it. This page works basically like other business and organization pages; it allows users who share a particular interest connect on a specific level.

Types Of Facebook Community

There are two types of Facebook community page; Facebook administered community page, and Facebook user managed community page.

The Facebook managed community page is one that generates from likes, interests, and other profile information from Facebook users. The Facebook administered community page has no administrators; this means you have no control over what shows up on the page.

On the other hand, the Facebook user administered community page is one that users create themselves. Creating a community page is quite easy to start up; all you need is to give your page a name, no need for choosing a category or for verification. Creating a community page looks like an official page, with the significant challenge being that you begin to lose your admin rights once your page starts amassing thousands of fans.

How To Create A Facebook Community Page

Creating a Facebook community page can also help you grow your market and reach your target audience. We shall be discussing two powerful ways you can use your community page to interact with more target audiences.

Bring your audience into a Facebook group

A Facebook group comprises of Facebook users who share similar interests. Your main aim for creating your group shouldn’t necessarily be about promoting your business; instead, you want to create a Group where your audience will have a safe and secure environment under your trust. Any content you post will be made public to every member of the group.

  • Use Facebook live broadcast feature.

This feature allows you stream contents live to your audience. The Facebook live feature is highly interactive because you get to engage your audience with your discussion, and it also gives room for asking questions. Facebook live can stream from your Facebook group, Facebook page, or your regular profile account. But it’s best to stream from your Facebook groups and pages to have the best chances of success.

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