How To Give Your Friends The Best Facebook Birthday Wishes

Finding the best way to relay your best wishes to your Facebook friend celebrating his/ her birthday could be a bit challenging, especially for those who are not expressive in telling how they feel. The truth is, both the smooth-talker and the reserved get caught up in the struggle of sending the appropriate birthday wishes.

How To Make Your Friends Smile On Their Birthday With Facebook Birthday Wishes

There are many ways to celebrate your friends on Facebook and give them the best birthday wishes that will make them feel honoured and special on their special day, and we shall be discussing the various ways to go about these ways in this article.

You are posting on your friend’s timeline

One of the conventional ways of sending Facebook birthday wishes is to post your messages on the celebrant’s timeline. On the celebrant’s Facebook timeline, click on the post icon and type your birthday wish in the text field provided, you can also wish to add a memorable photo or birthday video from your phone or computer gallery by tapping on the camera icon.

Use a Facebook reminder tool

You can set a reminder on your Facebook homepage for the day of your friend’s birthday to remind you to send him/her a birthday wish. Just click on the link and send a message, after composing the message, click on the publish button, and your message will automatically appear on your friend’s timeline.

I am tagging the celebrant on your timeline

You may wish to celebrate your friend and send him/her the best birthday wishes on your Facebook timeline. Including their names when composing your Facebook birthday wish for them by typing in their names on your timeline, when you start typing their name, a drop-down menu should appear showing their full name, click on the name while composing the message and post it when you are done.

Both your Facebook friends and theirs will be able to see this post when you post it, provided they don’t have any restrictions on tags in their profile settings.

I am sending them a private message

You can also wish to be discrete in sending your friend a Facebook birthday wish if you don’t want others to see the content of the message. You have to send them a direct message either through Facebook messenger or by using Facebook inbuilt message tool by clicking on the message icon at the top of your Facebook page and compose your message. Your friend will get the message directly into their inbox where only he/ she will be able to see it.

There are other ways to celebrate your Facebook friends and give them the best Facebook birthday wishes using visual representations like sending them a link to their favourite videos or song. Or sending them cute, animated Facebook gifs or sending them a memorable photo of you and them together, or a Facebook gift card.

All these little shows of love will surely go a long way and build a more solid friendship between you two in years to come.

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