As of last year, statistics show that there are over 2.2 billion active users on Facebook. This population makes Facebook a very suitable platform to advertise any business. Over 600 million users participate in business Groups on Facebook, which makes Facebook advertiser job to be a very lucrative means of earning money digitally through Facebook.

Your job as a Facebook advertiser requires you to have the knowledge of some necessary marketing skills that will help you meet target audience based on their location, preferences and demographics, and in this article, we shall be guiding you through the objectives of a good Facebook advertiser job to help you save more and target more audience.

Objectives Of A Good Facebook Advertiser Job

Create awareness for your brand

The importance of creating awareness for your brand is to drive in more sales. There are more than one ways to go about this; You can achieve this by employing the services of influencers or Facebook affiliates into the category of your business to help reach more target audiences or by utilising Google AdSense auto ads to create more awareness of your product and bringing in more returns on investments.

Choose a suitable name for your campaign

When going for a proper name for your ad campaign, you can decide to opt in for an AB split test or to turn on budget optimisation in cases of multiple ads.

Make your audience your priority

Selecting the right audience will help you focus your energy on the people who are interested in what you have to offer. You can choose your audience based on their age, location, their language and also their gender. Targeting your audience using Facebook paid advertising plays a significant role in increasing your return on investments.

Monitor your performance

It is also vital for you to track and monitor your ads campaign on the Facebook manager. This is important for you to maintain a flexible budget. If you notice that a particular ad campaign is delivering as expected, you can take out the budget and include it into a campaign that is performing up to required expectations.

Decide on your budget

Based on the scale of your business and your financial resources, create a budget on how much you want to invest in your Facebook ads campaign. There is the daily and lifetime budget, and you can also schedule starting and ending dates in case you have plans on posting ads for a later time.


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