Facebook Account Hacked – Facebook is the biggest social media platforms of our generation, with over 2 2 billion monthly active users,  which also makes it a good point of a target for social network hackers. Most of the Facebook hacked account that we hear are probably the ones of public figures like celebrities or people close to us. But there are so many cases of hacked Facebook accounts from regular Facebook users, which is, either way, steps must be taken regardless of the personality of the user.

How was your Facebook account hacked?

There are various ways that hackers could have gained access to your Facebook credentials. It could be through a connection to an evil twin Wi-Fi hotspot that was created by hackers at the airport or a regular coffee shop near you. Some hackers could have guessed your Facebook account password, or you used a public computer and probably forgot to log out your account, while some could have had access to your account through your misplaced or stolen phone.

How do you know you’ve been hacked?

If you notice any of these irregular conditions on your Facebook account, then there is a very high chance that your Facebook account has been hacked :

  1. Your password has been changed.
  2. Friend requests sent to people you don’t know.
  3. Posts that were not made by you.
  4. Friends getting messages that you didn’t write yourself.

If you observe any of the following stated above, take quick actions to secure your account. The first step you should take if you see any funny activity on your Facebook account is to change your password immediately.  If you try changing your password and you discover that you can’t have access to your account, follow these steps below shortly:

  • Click here to visit Facebook compromised account page.
  • When the page loads, click on the link that indicates “my account has been compromised.“
  • Provide your email address or Phone number associated with your Facebook account and then hit “search.“
  • Enter your password, or any password you’ve used for your Facebook account, and then,  click on “continue.“
  • Facebook will offer you with a list of possible reasons why you think your Facebook account has been hacked, select one from these options, and hit “continue.“
  • At this point, Facebook will tell you to change your password and confirm that any recent changes made on your account are from you, to protect your account. When you’re done, now click on “ get started.“

At this point, follow the instructions om your screen to help change your password and secure your account against potential hacks in the future.


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