Ebay Facebook Page | Set Up Ebay Store On Facebook

eBay is a popular e-commerce site, it is mostly know for it’s auctioning, it is also used as a platform for buying and selling. When you’re selling on eBay you are third party seller, as a third party seller you can build an eBay store.

eBay store serves as platform between buyers and sellers, this platform brings buyers and sellers closer and makes the buyers know more about their seller. eBayfacebook page is a FB page that lets e-Bay users in Facebook stay updated.

Ebay Facebook Page

eBay Facebook page is controlled and monitored by eBay, the major purposes of this page is to keep buyers and sellers that uses Facebook updated about any new changes or new item available for auctioning.

Sellers on eBay can also open their own eBay Facebook page to keep their customers updated about new items in stock and it will also serve as a platform to get more customers and advertise their products.

Ebay Login Page

Through eBay log in you will be able to access your eBay account, when you have an eBay account you can create your own personal eBay Facebook page which can be used to advertise your products and keep customers updated. eBay login can be done with the following steps

  1. Connect your device to an active internet
  2. Open your device web browser
  3. Go to the eBay sign in page
  4. Once in the eBay sign in page, enter your log in credentials in the appropriate field
  5. Click the sign in button

When you make use of a public device or a device that does not belong to you to login to your eBay account, always log out to avoid a stranger from gaining access to your account.

Facebook Login Page

It is only after the Facebook login you will be able to create your own eBay Facebook page, you can login to your Facebook account by

  1. Connecting to the internet
  2. Open your web browser and log on to Facebook or use the Facebook app
  3. Fill in your log in details in the correct field then click on log in

Once you have access to your Facebook account you can then proceed to creating your eBay Facebook page. Always remember not to share your Facebook login details with anyone.

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