Candy Crush Saga For Pc – How Can I Download Candy Crush Saga On My Pc

Everyone loves a little gaming adventure every once in a while, at the very least. While some people love to play these games on their mobile phones, we have some real-time PC game lovers that play just about any game on a computer.

Initially, candy crush saga was designed as a game for mobile phones, but, thanks to the comments from all demanding PC game lovers, candy crush saga for PC is now very available.

Candy Crush Saga For Pc - How Can I Download Candy Crush Saga On My Pc

Candy crush saga for PC: candy crush saga is an adventurous puzzle game that requires players to earn points by crushing a series of identical candy, arranged in the same row or column. The game is quite simple though, the more candies you crush, the more points you earn. The idea is the same both for mobile devices and for PCs.

Features of Candy Crush – Candy Crush Saga For Pc

Candy crush saga as a game comes with a lot of fun features and even more, features are constantly added to the game to continue to make it earn its spot as gamers favorite, both for PC and mobile devices. Some of the features include the following below;

Sugar Drop

This feature is one that allows players to win boosters in the game by collecting sugar drop candies. The feature is one that works in a way such that after collecting all the rewards in a particular round, you’ll have to wait for a specific period of time before using the feature again.

Fantastic Five

In this feature, a player is paired with four other players for a specific time, now as one, the team needs to log in daily, clear tasks, and also finish episodes in order for them to gain points and early rewards.

Some other notable features of the candy crush saga include map navigator, treat calendar, play with friends, daily booster wheel, fun – o – meter, and so on.

How to Download Candy Crush Saga For PC

Candy crush saga has been available for PC download for some time now. For those of us gamers interested in downloading the puzzle game on our PCs, below are the quick steps involved :

  1. Ensure you have a stable Internet connection on your device.
  2. On any preferred web browser on your PC, engage the search bar and log on to to get started.
  3. On the homepage, click on the search bar at the top left corner of the screen and enter the keyword “candy crush saga” and then click the search button.
  4. The candy crush page loads, click on “get“.
  5. You will be required to enter your Microsoft login details which are your username and password before proceeding to download.

After entering your account details, follow the on-screen procedure to begin the download on your PC. After download, players can have access to play the newly downloaded game anytime on their PC at their own convenience.

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