The CoronaVirus Effect on Facebook – Hoax News And Facebook’s Virus Fame

The Coronavirus Effect on Facebook- Let’s take a time travel six to twelve months back at the activities on Facebook.  literally there was almost no life on Facebook. Activities on Facebook were more like business advertisements, old people seeking attention, spam accounts, news in which most of them were fake and so on.

Technically the messenger application was way more active and lively than it’s social counterpart. But what happens when a virus so deadly sends everyone home away from friends, enemies, families and the world. The urge to reconnect with people kicks-in and so any means of communication all of a sudden gains recognition.

Facebook Increasing Prowess

Basically there’s been a rather miraculous turn up of people on Facebook. Aside from the fact that we’ve so many bored people just looking to add some fun to their day. A lot has been going on with the coronavirus articles on Facebook. Coronavirus has created a kind of information-hungry effect on Facebook users in which there is more interest in updates or news concerning the virus.

Report shows that in recent weeks there have been very high activities on articles on Facebook in which more than half of those activities are on coronavirus related articles.

the coronavirus effect on facebook

Imagine it this way, you are stuck at home, at first it seems nice. With time it becomes unbearable and you can’t wait to get out. You try to keep your day lively, and Facebook seems like the right idea.

But remember you can’t wait to get out, so you try to find out information and updates regarding coronavirus and just how much it’s going to affect you.

 How Facebook is Utilizing its Sudden Fame

As usual Facebook is looking to target users with high-quality information and updates about the virus so as to make the spread of this information fast and with ease. As to everything new that comes up there is always the tendency of forged and misguiding information about it popping up.

There has been so much false news and information being spread about the virus. For instance the one that says drinking bleach will rid you of coronavirus. Most of this forged information is being communicated via social media platforms like Facebook.

Social media platforms are doing their best to make sure this false information is suppressed. Apparently Facebook is taking the fight to the next level.


Created a new segment on its platform that will inform users and update them about the Coronavirus. Although not available to all parts of the world yet. This feature will be seen on the top of a Facebook’s user News Feed.

Facebook Messenger

Using its messaging network Messenger teamed up with government health organizations, UN health agencies and developers. This was done in order to facilitate the widespread of accurate information about coronavirus.


Apart from the fact that a coronavirus info hub was created, one million dollars was donated by WhatsApp to Fact-Checking Networks. This was done to help in the fight against false news. They also agreed to provide messaging hotlines to health organizations like WHO and so on for communication purposes.

Basically, Facebook is doing everything possible to make sure misguiding and malicious news about coronavirus is almost or completely halted. The question remains how much their effort will count? With social media platforms like WhatsApp whose messages are end to end encrypted, how possible is it?

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