Telegram Vs Signal | Which is the Better Alternative to WhatsApp?

Telegram Vs Signal – Don’t be deceived, basically, WhatsApp is the best instant messaging system. The reason it has accumulated over two billion active users already even more than its cousin silver-spooned Instant messaging platform, the Facebook Messenger.

But with its recent privacy policies and the fact that it shares the same owner as of the very much popular for selling user’s data, Facebook, trust is beginning to become an issue. Thus the search for alternatives to our favorite instant messaging app, WhatsApp.

Telegram vs Signal

Telegram and Signal: What You Should Know

Basically, they are the best completely free alternatives to WhatsApp. Simple to use and you won’t be experiencing any issue navigating through given you are well accustomed to WhatsApp.

These chat apps are available on both iOS and Android devices also on PCs and Desktops. Unlike WhatsApp where you have to make use of WhatsApp Web, Telegram and Signal have got apps for desktops that can be downloaded to Windows, Mac, or Linux devices.


Released on the 29th of July 2014, this app uses cellular numbers to verify users and send secured and encrypted instant messages among its users. Users can also decide to make the app their default MMS/SMS default application given you are using an Android device.

Basic Features

  • Calls; Video and Audio with a limit of 8 persons simultaneously.
  • End to End encryption between user’s devices. You could also override this process.
  • Users verification processes like cellular number verification, QR code scanning, and Fingerprint verification make it almost impossible to create a fake account on Signal.
  • Android and iOS devices users could opt in to lock the signal apps using their device’s security passcode or verification.
  • Message Timing. You could also send self-destructing messages which get automatically deleted after a set time given the message has been received or read.
  • Updated Messaging system with lots of GIFs, stickers, and emojis to choose from.


Released on the 14th of August 2013, this app has gained a huge load of users recently mainly because of WhatsApp’s current dilemma. This is the closest thing to WhatsApp you can get as it’s almost just as popular as the giant Facebook instant messaging app.

Basic Features

  • Group chats have a large upgrade here which neither WhatsApp nor Signal can beat. Telegram groups can contain a whopping sum of 200,000 people.
  • Telegram Channels allows you to create a kind of group where only admins can be active as a “Closed Group” system on Facebook.
  • Files of up to 2GB can be sent at once.
  • There is also “Web Telegram”, a feature Signal can’t boast of for now.
  • Huge loads of emojis, stickers, themes, and gifs to select from.
  • Telegram also allows users to set up usernames. This way you could hide your cellular number although you’d have to verify it before being able to use the app.
  • Telegram also supports secret messaging.

Telegram vs Signal; Which Should I Choose

It always comes down to what you want. If you want an instant messaging platform built on privacy and security, simple, fresh, and relatively new, go with the Signal app.

On the other hand, if you want an alternative to WhatsApp with more flashy features and complexity, go with Telegram. On the plus side, you can easily message friends and people on Telegram, unlike Signal.  Most people switching from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp tend to go straight to Telegram.

Generally, Telegram and Signal are way better than WhatsApp when it comes to privacy and security but which to choose should depend on which one your close ones and business associates find easier to reach you and vice versa.

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