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Word With Friends Facebook Game – How to Play Word Facebook Game

Word with friends Facebook game is a game that was introduced by Facebook with their Facebook gaming room platform. The word with friends game is an online game available on Facebook. The game is similar to scrabble in which users try to form words on a big board and the user with the most word at… Read More »

Nametests Facebook Game – How to Play Nametests Facebook Game

Nametests Facebook game can be briefly explained as a Facebook game in which users are given quizzes to answer. This quizzes are usually questions about their personal life. The nametests was actually originally an online website but they gave Facebook to put up their game in their game room section. This Facebook game helps users… Read More »

Testony Facebook Game – How to Play Testony Facebook Game

Testony Facebook game can be traced back to the one of the numerous games Facebook introduced into their game room. This games was well introduced so users can enjoy them with their friends online. Friends can challenge each other and play for the glory of having the highest score  among each other. Testony Facebook game… Read More »

Facebook Game List – Play The Best Games On Facebook

Facebook game list is a systematical arrangement and an analytical process used mainly by Facebook and other logs and game services. Facebook game list is the categorical arrangement of the available Facebook games and games in conjecture with the Facebook franchise. Facebook game list makes it possible for Facebook users who actively participate in online… Read More »