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Pinterest Download- Pinterest was founded in December 2009 as a social network for users to share, post, and discover stuff that might interest them. It first started with ladies’ stuff such as shoes, house designs, decorations, cooking, and so on. With time it widened its range and categories such as sports, movies, cars, houses came in.

Posting on Pinterest is known as Pinning, so basically as the name suggests you are made to pin your interests to a board on your profile in the platform.

This app is unique because it allows you to view other people’s interests likewise share your interest thereby connecting people via their interest. Relationships formed on people’s interests can be quite strong and unique.

This platform is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms because of the rate at which users interact with each other via pins and boards.

Pinterest Download

Business Growth Using Pinterest

Pinterest can be used as an advertising avenue for businesses like any other social media platform, especially for small businesses. Pinterest is the eighteenth best social media platform, left to me it should be the fifth. The number of people there sharing and viewing stuff can’t be accounted for.

Using the Pinterest platform, you could grow your business audience. Pinterest has a lot of people looking for boards and pins to fall in love with, yours might just be the next best board.

Tips On Using Pinterest For Business

80% of the people that come to Pinterest visit because they are trying to decide what to buy and what not to base on other people’s interests. You’d be surprised just how much people’s choice of commodities could influence other people’s decisions.

Most users use Pinterest to make decisions on what to purchase and what they believe would fit their lifestyle. You could use this tip to your advantage thereby creating some unique marketing potential and strategy for your business.

  • Set up a Pinterest Business Account.
  • Make sure the account is filled with enticing yet short keywords or Boards.
  • Make sure your business account is easily accessible. i.e create pins that are interesting and can be easily collected from your account to a user’s account.
  • Still on the above tip, please make sure you have organized and popular boards
  • Stay active, Pinterest is very good with marketing only when you know what people love and are interested in.

How to download Pinterest App

Instead of always visiting Pinterest via a web browser, you should download the app Just by following these easy steps;

  • Open your mobile device app store.
  • Search for Pinterest on the search bar. Its app is very unique hence you would recognize it once you see it.
  • Click on the app and proceed to install.
  • This shouldn’t take long, the app is free.

For Windows and Mac devices

Following the same process, proceed to your app store and search for the app. When you find it, install the app on your device. If you do not find it or can’t download it, install a mobile device app emulator on your PC or Desktop.

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