Pinterest Account – We are to go into brief runway as the case maybe on what Pinterest Account is actually.

Therefore, still on it you can assume Pinterest Account to be like a web-based pin board or bulletin board but with much more an organizational functionality.

Thus, individuals pin or save images they found on the web to different boards and many of the images saved on Pinterest are quite clickable and open up in a wholly new tab to the original web page where they were found.

Pinterest Account

That is to say Pinterest Account is a social network where users interact with each other through liking, commenting, re-saving each other’s stuff and private messaging each other.

It will interest you to know that this online social network platform is totally free to use, but just like any other social network you really need an account to start it.

Thus, you can create a free Pinterest account at with your email and password or simply go by choosing to create with your Facebook or Google account.

Benefits of Pinterest Account

Under this heading, we will go about talking while you should have a Pinterest account as one who surf online, thus, the following are reason why you should:

  • Pinterest Account as a matter of fact gives its users a place to save and store links from all over the web and these links are visually focused thus, making Pinterest perfect for organizing favorite recipe ideas, wish lists, craft projects etc. That is to say when one who wants an easy way to access this links all the person has to do is to check on Pinterest boards.
  • Therefore, since Pinterest Account is filled with users favorite bookmarked ideas and products it is an idea source of inspiration.
  • For businesses or enterprises Pinterest enables them to promote content of their products, thus, the more people see and share a pin, the more attention it receives, for this pins points back to the brand’s own website, increasing traffic as well as eventual sales.
  • One interesting fact about this platform is that it is a social network and when users interact with each other through likes, comments, and repins, they are building and strengthening relationships.
  • It will also interest you to know that that Pinterest is as simple as it sounds and as well relaxing, thus, it is designed to be simple, clean and easy to use.

How to Create Pinterest account

Hello, before we jump into the real deal while we are here it will interest you to know how to create a Pinterest account if you never had, so follow this processes:

  • Go to Pinterest website which is located at
  • Enter your email address and preferred password.
  • Click continue, which is a red button below the “create a password” field.
  • Enter your profile information, fill up the option provided for you.
  • Click Sign Up.
  • Then click skip for now
  • Click at least five topics.
  • Lastly click Done.

It will be interesting for you to note that that you have three options to sign up or create your Pinterest account which includes the following; with your Facebook account information or a detailed twitter account information or by providing an email address.

We have talked about the last of the option. Therefore, if you are to sign up with your Facebook or twitter, you are to provide Pinterest with your Facebook or Twitter account login details and you can use this details also as your Pinterest account, this is aimed at helping you to connect Pinterest with your Facebook or twitter pals.

How To Link Pinterest Account to Facebook

Having a glance above will show you what a Pinterest is and why should not miss out in installing it. Therefore, under this platform we are to talk about how to connect Pinterest to Facebook account, so that when you share on Pinterest it will also appear on Facebook so to promote your product, so the following are the under listed pattern:

  • Go to, log into your account.
  • Then go to Setting, which is at the upper-right corner of the Pinterest site.
  • Nest is to Turn on Facebook sharing.
  • Connect your Facebook account
  • Save changes. Congratulations your account is now connected to your Facebook account.


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