iOS 14.5 Won’t Let You Choose a Default Music Player

Every service on any device has its default like your favorite app or program on your device to get that service rendered to you. For instance, there are over four different browsing apps on your device. But most people would prefer to go with Chrome, some might prefer Safari thus turning it into their device’s default web browser.

After much speculations and rumors, Apple confirms that users cannot set their default music app in the upcoming iOS 14.5 update. Consequently, when you request Siri to play you a song, it will ask which music service you’d like to utilize.

iOS 14.5 Won’t Let You Choose a Default Music Player

In due time, based on your selections, Siri will be able to identify your listening patterns and won’t have to ask questions next time when asked to play that particular song or podcast. Siri is getting smarter.

How does this Work?

When you prompt Siri to play a file, it would show a list of music services to play the song or podcast from. Select one thus enabling Siri to play from the service. Accordingly, the assistant won’t prompt you to pick a music service next time you request a song be played.

This means Apple is not allowing users to change their default music app to Spotify from Apple music as most IOS users expected.

Apple reportedly said the feature is an attempt to help Siri to learn the apps you use for different kinds of content. “Perhaps you want to use Spotify to listen to music, but prefer to keep up with your podcasts in Apple Podcasts or some other third-party app. And you may want to listen to audiobooks in yet another app.”

The iOS 14.5 is still in its beta stage i.e its testing stage. Until its final release, there is no saying if Siri might hold on to her role of picking music players to play audio content.


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