How to See Saved Passwords In Chrome Mobile | Find Saved Passwords On Chrome

How to See Saved Passwords In Chrome Mobile – Chrome always asks to save your passwords anytime you log in to a new online page on its browser. Agreeing to that prompt allows Chrome to keep your account details such as the Login I.D and password.

Therefore the next time you try to login to that website be it social media sites as the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest or a freelance website, as long as the site requires you to log in to an account, Chrome will automatically sign you into that site.

how to see saved passwords in chrome mobile

This is great, but it has a huge downside. Anyone that can gain access to your mobile device by using the tips on this write-up can find your passwords on Chrome.

However, with the security settings on your device, your passwords are more secure.

What is the Chrome Mobile?

Chrome Mobile is the name used to describe the Chrome app on your mobile device, get it, Chrome Mobile. The Chrome app on your smartphone is termed as Chrome Mobile.

How to Stop Chrome Automatically Save Passwords

Not everyone likes convenience at the risk of their security or privacy. As good as saving your password on Chrome sounds, it’s perilous and dangerous. How do you stop it?

  • On the chrome mobile app, tap on the hamburger menu at the top right corner.
  • Next, select “Settings.”
  • Then choose “Passwords.”
  • Then toggle the “Save Passwords” tab off. It’s the first tab on the “Passwords” page.
    how to see saved passwords in chrome mobile

This will stop Chrome from prompting you to save your passwords or site account’s credentials. Just below the “Save Passwords” tab, you will find the “Auto Sign-in” tab. Click on that to stop Chrome from automatically logging you into your saved accounts on the Chome browser.

Let’s get to it, how to see saved passwords in chrome mobile.

How to Find Saved Passwords On Chrome Mobile App

To begin, on your smartphone, navigate to the Chrome app, and open it.

  • Tap on the Hamburger menu at the top right corner. Sometimes it’s a red upward-facing arrow.
  • Next, select “Settings.”
    how to see saved passwords in chrome mobile
  • On the next page, tap on “Passwords.”
    how to see saved passwords in chrome mobile

There are two sections on the next page. “Passwords” where you have all the saved passwords of all accounts you logged into via the Chrome mobile app. Then there is “Never Saved” listing out the sites you logged into, but you never agreed to Chrome’s prompt to save its password.

passwords tab in chrome mobile

On the “Passwords” section, tap on any site on the list to see its password. After that, your account details on the website will appear, click on the “Eye” icon next to any “Password” tab.

see saved passwords in chrome mobile

If your device has a security lock, proceed to unlock it, and then you can view the specified password.

Alternative Method.

You could try out this trick if you can’t access the Chrome mobile app or your smartphone at the moment. Search for on any web browser and log in to your Google account, which is logged in on your Chrome browser on the webpage.

Once you’ve logged in, you will see all account details saved to the Google account you signed into. Find the one you want, click on it, and tap on the eye icon to reveal the password.

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